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Editor's Note


“Andrew Wylie and Religion at Indiana University, 1824-1851: Nonsectarianism and Democracy,” by Gayle Williams

“The Indiana ‘Bonds’ Fraud, 1861-1862," by Ray Shortridge

“Remembering Indiana University in the 1960s: Perspectives on Dissent in the Heartland,” by Martin Ridge, Byrum Carter, Keith S. Parker, Michael J. King, and Mary Ann Wynkoop

Book Reviews

Van Allen, James Whitcomb Riley, by Leigh Darbee

Seed, American Pentimento, by Jordana Dym

Holmberg, ed., Dear Brother, by John Sugden

Finger, Tennessee Frontiers, by Greg O'Brien

Harper, Changing Works, by Sally McMurry

Reichstein, German Pioneers on the American Frontier, by Giles R. Hoyt

Nord, Communities of Journalism, by Richard B. Kielbowicz

Malone, Don't Get Above Your Raisin', by Samuel C. Hyde, Jr.

Gramm, Somebody's Darling, by Stephen D. Engle

Smeins, Building an American Identity, by James A. Glass

Taiz, Hallelujah Lads & Lasses, by John M. Giggie

Schulten, The Geographical Imagination in America, by Bruce Bigelow

Cooper, Jr., Breaking the Heart of the World, by Tracy S. Uebelhoer

Mercier, Anaconda, by Gerald Zahavi

Griffith, Serving History in a Changing World, by Salvatore G. Cilella, Jr.

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“‘The Law of College Customs is [as] Inexorable as the Laws of Chemistry or Physics’: The Transition to a Modern Purdue University, 1900-1924," by Ryan K. Anderson

“‘The Real Violence at Evansville’: The Firing of Professor George F. Parker,” by Randy Mills

“Learning from the Past: Individual Experience and Reenactment,” by David Thelen

“David Thelen's ‘Learning from the Past’: A conversation with the IMH,” by Timothy Crumrin, Lonnie Bunch, and William Munn

Book Reviews

Sasso and Ferrill, Urban Tapestry, James B. Lane

Sleeper-Smith, Indian Women and French Men, by Helen Hornbeck Tanner

Cayton, Ohio, by Deborah L. Miller

Martin, Hero of the Heartland, and Hangen, Redeeming the Dial, by Bruce J. Evensen

Flanagan, Seeing with Their Hearts, by Daphne Spain

Biles, Crusading Liberal, by Paul Simon

Osborn, The Wild Frontier, by Herbert T. Hoover

Wallace, Jefferson and the Indians, by Robert M. S. McDonald

Drake, A History of Appalachia, by Thomas Kiffmeyer

Sparks, The Roots of Appalchian Christianity, by Bill J. Leonard

Marlett, Horse Opera, by Guy Logsdon

Moore, Carl B. Stokes and the Rise of Black Political Power, Colburn and Adler, African- American Mayors, by Lana Stein

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Editor's Note


Civil War Memories and "Pardnership Forgittin'," 1865-1913 by James H. Madison

Industrial "Girls" in an Early Twentieth-Century Boomtown: Traditions and Change in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1900-1920 by Peggy Seigel

The Significance of the National Lewis and Clark Commemoration by Robert R. Archibald

Indiana Archives: Indiana Before Statehood by John M. Glen, Alan F. January, Suzanne K. Justice, Glenn L. McMullen, and Saundra Taylor

Book Reviews

Sudhalter, Stardust Melody, by Kenneth J. Bindas

Davis and Shaw, 99 Historic Homes of Indiana, by Edward W. Wolner

Sautter, The King of Steeltown, By Larry Bennett

Roznowski, Hometown, by Michael Bartone

Grant, Ohio on the Move, By Richard Simons

Dolan, In Search of an American Catholicism, and Fisher, Communion of Immigrants, by Mary Jo Weaver

Gaddis, The Landscape of History, and Wineburg, Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts, by James V. Wertsch

Kuppperman, Indians and English, by Michael Leroy Oberg

Piston and Hatcher, Wilson's Creek, by Brian Burton

Putney, Muscular Christianity, by Bruce Dorsey

Spring, ed. by Bareither, An Engineer's Diary of the Great War, by Donald Richter

Cassel, Dissent in Wichita, by Terry H. Anderson

Thomas, They Cleared the Lanes, by Charles H. Martin

Korr, The End of Baseball as We Knew It, by Bob Hammel

Goldberg, Enemies Within, by Richard Mitchell

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Editor's Note


The Small-City Experience in the Midwest: An Introduction by James J. Connolly and E. Bruce Geelhoed

The Small City in American History by Timothy R. Mahoney

Separate Universe? An Exploratory Effort at Defining the Small City by John D. Buenker and Theodore Mesmer

"A Sturdy Core of Thinking, Fact Seeking Citizens": The Open Forum Movement and Public Learning in Terre Haute and Hammond, Indiana, in the 1920s by Arthur S. Meyers

Building Networks: Cooperation and Communication Among African Americans in the Urban Midwest, 1860-1910 by Jack S. Blocker, Jr.

Book Reviews

Tomlan and Tomlan, Richmond, Indiana, by Thomas D. Hamm

Sehlinger and Hamilton, Spokesman for Democracy, by David E. Kyvig

Fortin, Faith and Action, by John Buggeln

Katz, Regionalism and Reform, by Theresa Leininger-Miller

Hoyt, prod. and dir., Chicago, by Amanda I. Seligman

Spirou and Bennett, It's Hardly Sportin', by William H. Hudnut, III

Jackson, Rails Across the Mississippi, by Katharine T. Corbett

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