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Research Essays in Indiana History Series

John A. Jakle, "Toward a Geographical History of Indiana: Landscape and Place in the Historical Imagination," LXXXIX (Sept. 1993): 177-209.

William J. Reese, "Indiana's Public School Traditions: Dominant Themes and Research Opportunities," LXXXIX (Dec. 1993): 289-334.

Barbara J. Steinson, "Rural Life in Indiana, 1800-1950," XC (Sept. 1994): 203-250.

Nancy Gabin, "Fallow Yet Fertile: The Field of Indiana Women's History," XCIV (Sept. 2000): 213-249.


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Indiana Archives Series

John M. Glen, Robert Horton, Alexandra S. Gressit, Wilma L. Gibbs, and Stephen G. McShane, "Indiana Since 1945," XCI (Sept. 1995): 326-342.

John M. Glen, Stephen E. Towne, Nancy K. Turner, Thomas E. Rodgers, and Saundra B. Taylor, "Indiana in the Civil War Era," XCII (Sept. 1996): 254-273.

John M. Glen, Patrick J. Furlong, and Elizabeth A. Krehbiel-Kutzko, "Archival Holdings in Northern Indiana," XCIII (Sept. 1997): 271-279.

John M. Glen, Stephen L. Cochran, Mark V. Wetherington, Josephine M. Elliott, Roger A. Peterson, and Gina Walker, "Archival Holdings in Southern Indiana," XCIV (Sept. 1998): 240-259.

John M. Glen, John B. Straw, Thomas D. Hamm, "Archival Holdings in Eastern Indiana," XCV (Sept. 1999): 284-301.

John M. Glen, David E. Vancil, Johanna Herring, and Audra Simel, "Archival Holdings in Western Indiana," XCVI (Sept. 2000): 286-299.

John M. Glen, James B. Lane, Glenn L. McMullen, and Barbara Truesdell, "Oral History Collections," XCVII (Sept. 2001): 218-238.

John M. Glen, Roger Dickinson, Mary Johnston, and Kent Stephens, "Sports History," XCVII (Sept. 2002): 226-235.

John M. Glen, Alan F. January, Suzanne K. Justice, Glenn L. McMullenn, and Saundra Taylor, "Indiana before Statehood," XCIX (Sept. 2003): 263-279.

John M. Glen, Stephen G. McShane, Brenda Nelson-Strauss, Paul C. Heyde, and Wilma L. Gibbs, "African American History," C (Dec. 2004): 321-345.



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Thornbrough Award Winners

Rodney O. Davis, "William Herndon's Indiana Oral History Project, 1865," LXXXIX (June 1993): 136-146.

George T. Blakey, "Battling the Great Depression on Stage in Indiana," XC (March 1994): 1-25.

Lana Ruegamer, "Dorothy Lois Riker, 1904-1994: Reflections on Indiana History, Historical Editing, and Women in the Historical Profession," XCI (Sept. 1995): 246-261.

Thomas E. Rodgers, "Republicans and Drifters: Political Affiliation and Union Army Volunteers in West-Central Indiana," XCII (Dec. 1996): 321-345.

Kathleen A. Murphey, "Schooling, Teaching, and Change in Nineteenth-Century Fort Wayne, Indiana," XCIV (March 1998): 1-28.

Peter S. Onuf, "'We Shall All Be Americans': Thomas Jefferson and the Indians," XCV (June 1999): 103-141.

Thomas D. Hamm et al., "The Decline of Quaker Pacifism in the Twentieth Century: Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends as a Case Study," XCVI (March 2000): 45-71.

Ellen D. Swain, "From Benevolence to Reform: The Expanding Career of Mrs. Rhoda M. Coffin," XCVII (Sept. 2001): 190-217.

Charles H. Martin, "The Color Line in Midwestern College Sports, 1890-1960," XCVIII (June 2002): 85-112.

Allen Safianow, "'You Can't Burn History': Getting Right with the Klan in Noblesville, Indiana," C (June 2004): 108-154.

Sarah E. Igo, "From Main Street to Mainstream: Middletown, Muncie, and 'Typical America,'" CI (September 2005): 239-266.

Nancy Nakano Conner, "From Internment to Indiana: Japanese Americans, the War Relocation Authority, the Disciples of Christ, and Citizen Committees in Indiana," CII (June 2006): 89-116.

David Jones, "'An Unusual Case': Dan Shay, Clarence Euell, Gertrude Anderson, and the Limits of Hoosier Progressivism," CIII (December 2007): 349-378.

Erika Doss, "Action, Agency, Affect: Thomas Hart Benton's Hoosier History," CV (June 2009): 127-139.

Stephen E. Towne, "Worse Then Vallandigham: Governor Oliver P. Morton, Lambdin P. Milligan, and the Military Arrest and Trial of Indiana State Senator Alexander J. Douglas During the Civil War," CVI (March 2010): 1-39.



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Frequently Requested Articles

Richard Lyle Power, "The Hoosier as an American Folk Type," XXXVIII (June 1942): 107-122.

Elijah Bryan Farnham, "From Ohio to California in 1849: The Gold Rush Journal of Elijah Bryan Farnham," edited by Merrill J. Mattes and Esley J. Kirk, Part 1, XLVI (Sept. 1950): 297-318.

Elijah Bryan Farnham, "From Ohio to California in 1849: The Gold Rush Journal of Elijah Bryan Farnham," edited by Merrill J. Mattes and Esley J. Kirk, Part 2, XLVI (Dec. 1950): 403-420.

Donald F. Carmony and Josephine M. Elliott, "New Harmony, Indiana: Robert Owen's Seedbed for Utopia," LXXVI (Sept. 1980): 161-261.

John Lauritz Larson and David G. Vanderstel, "Agent of Empire: William Conner on the Indiana Frontier, 1800-1855," LXXX (Dec. 1984): 301-328

John E. Fawcett, "A Hobo Memoir, 1936," introduction by Elizabeth D. Rambeau, XC (Dec. 1994): 346-364.

William D. Piersen, "The Origin of the Word 'Hoosier: A New Interpretation," (June 1995): 189-196.


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