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Published continuously since 1905, the Indiana Magazine of History is one of the nation's oldest historical journals. Since 1913, the IMH has been edited and published quarterly at Indiana University, Bloomington. Today, the IMH features peer-reviewed historical articles, research notes, annotated primary documents, reviews, and critical essays that contribute to public understanding of midwestern and Indiana history.


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The June 2014 IMH features a series of reflections on the controversial exchange of emails to and from Purdue University president (and former Indiana governor) Mitch Daniels, regarding the work of the late historian Howard Zinn. Anthony Arnove, Keith A. Erekson, Alex Litchenstein, and William Munn explore Daniel’s attempts to remove Zinn’s work from Indiana’s teacher training curriculum, and reflect on the controversy that followed. The issue also includes a transcript of an antiwar speech delivered by Zinn at Indiana University in 1967.

Elsewhere in the June IMH, two articles focus on life in Indiana’s Calumet Region. John Hmurovic discusses the volatile mix of gambling and politics at Porter County’s short-lived Mineral Springs racetrack, while John Fraire offers a history and personal reminiscence of Los Gallos and Las Gallinas - two Mexican American baseball teams active in the Indiana Harbor neighborhood of East Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s.

Reviews include Kenneth Shefsiek’s look at William Walker’s A Living Exhibition: The Smithsonian and the Transformation of the Universal Museum and Carl A. Zimring’s assessment of Carl Smith’s City Water, City Life, a history of the infrastructures of Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.

Howard Zinn addresses Indiana University students at the IU Auditorium, 1967. Photo courtesy IU Office of University Archives