EVIA Digital Archive Project

The EVIA Digital Archive Project is a collaborative endeavor to create a digital archive of ethnographic field video for use by scholars and instructors. More info ...

Global Leaders Network

The Global Leaders Network (GLN) is a video delivery and cataloging platform containing professional-quality recordings of high-profile events including presentations, interviews with visiting executives, and conference panel discussions. More info ...


The Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories (AHEYM, which means "homeward" in Yiddish) includes approximately 800 hours of Yiddish-language interviews with 350 individuals, most of whom were born between 1900 and 1930. More info ...


How to collaborate with IDAH

IDAH partners with faculty and other IUB units in developing and supporting arts and humanities projects that include digital components.

Through consultation, IDAH’s experienced program administrators and technology developers can help translate your idea into a structured project. If you plan to submit a proposal for support from a granting agency, IDAH staff can help you analyze the grant announcement, determine project activities, staffing, equipment and space needs, and budget; and review the application. IDAH will also write letters of support confirming its participation in the project.

Some points to keep in mind

IDAH expects to be compensated for such work – through payment by the unit, payment through a grant, or indirect costs.

IDAH allocates its staff time and resources carefully to accommodate the various projects for which it provides support. Since it cannot support all projects, it must evaluate them to determine which will be the best fit for IDAH.

IDAH staff begin their evaluation of projects by reviewing short proposals. All IUB faculty and units are encouraged to propose digital arts and humanities projects to IDAH. The following steps will be taken in determining whether IDAH will take on a project:

  • Individuals or units that would like IDAH to collaborate on a project or provide support in some other way should contact the Director, Ruth Stone ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). They should send a short (2-4 page) description of their project and the role they propose IDAH would play. Initial contact should be made no later than two months before a grant proposal deadline.
  • The Director will discuss the project with the applicant and determine whether to forward the project description to IDAH staff for further consideration.
  • If the IDAH staff committee receives the proposal, committee members will discuss the project and determine whether it will be appropriate to participate in the project as described. Staff will determine the cost of IDAH’s participation and might propose revisions to the workplan.
  • The Director will contact the applicant regarding the committee’s decision.
  • If IDAH and the applicant agree to work together, the applicant will work regularly with IDAH staff on iterations of the grant proposal or, if the project does not involve a grant application, on the workplan.
  • IDAH staff will determine the costs to be charged for its work based on the finalized workplan, and these costs will be reflected in the proposal budget if the project is to be grant-supported.
  • If the project is to be grant-supported and IDAH is not the unit submitting the proposal, the Director must sign off on the proposal and budget before the applicant routes the budget and submits the proposal to the Office of Research Administration. If the Director does not sign off on the final proposal and budget, IDAH cannot guarantee its participation if the applicant obtains the grant.

NOTE: The projects of current and past IDAH fellows will take priority when IDAH is considering collaborating on new projects. Since current IDAH fellows are working closely with IDAH staff on an ongoing basis, they do not need to submit a written proposal to the Director.


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