Intra-Collegiate Emergency Medical Service



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BLS/First Aid Training

EMT Simulated Training

Important Information


  • In order to work events, EMTs must attend a mandatory simulated training session. Only one session is required, but attending more than one date is encouraged.
  • Although first aiders are not required to attend these sessions, it would be beneficial to everyone involved if first aiders attended.
  • The simulated skills training is for members only, and is entirely separate from CPR training. There will be different training sessions for each event (IU Dance Marathon, Little 500, etc.), and in order to work the event you must attend the corresponding training.
  • Note: The price for BLS/First Aid training is $20. Please bring cash or a check made out to "IC-EMS."

  • Links

    EMS Portal and Certification Renewal (Final 3 pages) Information: Portal - These are instructions for creating your Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal account with the Indiana Department of Homeland security as well as instructions for how to renew current (EMT) certifications.

    IDHS Website EMS Page: Here - Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Emergency Medical Services webpage. This page contains information regarding EMS in Indiana, rules, trainings, job postings, etc.