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Intra-Collegiate Emergency Medical Service


Laurel Boyd


Laurel Boyd is a Biology major also minoring in Spanish, psychology, and anthropology. Originally from Fort Wayne, IN, she began attending Indiana University in 2011 and is now a senior. Laurel has been with IC-EMS since her freshman year. She hopes to attend medical school after graduation."

Emilie Hudson

Vice President

Emelie is a senior from Fishers, IN, majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. She has been involved with IC-EMS since her freshman year and has worked both as a First Aider and as a state certified EMT for the organization. Emelie plans to graduate in May of 2015 and then attend medical school. She has enjoyed all of the experiences that IC-EMS has been able to offer her, especially those involving patient contacts. More importantly, she has enjoyed the long-lasting friendships that she has been able to develop through the organization.

Dylan Long

Membership Director

Dylan is a junior from Indianapolis, IN, studying chemistry with a minor in biology. Dylan joined IC-EMS in the fall of his freshman year, serving first as a first-aider and later as an EMT. Before joining the IC-EMS executive board, he served as the health lodge director of a Boy Scout summer camp. Dylan plans to graduate in May of 2016 and attend medical school. He particularly enjoys the friendships he has made with other IC-EMS members and the chances he has had to practice his patient care.


Audrey Oliger

Finance and Supplies Director

Audrey is a senior from Carmel, IN majoring in Biology with a Liberal Arts and Management certificate and a Spanish minor. She joined IC-EMS her sophomore year. IC-EMS enabled her contribute to the community, gain experience with patients, gain a healthy appreciation for Little 500 racing, and meet some awesome people who share those goals. After graduating, she next hopes to attend medical school. 

Heather Blickenstaff

Events Director

Heather Blickenstaff is a sophomore double majoring in biochemistry and psychology. She is from Auburn, IN. She has been with IC-EMS for a year. She coordinates with the organizations for which IC-EMS works and coordinates with members of IC-EMS that sign up for the event. After graduation, she plans to attends IU Med-School and eventually become an ER trauma surgeon. She enjoys IC-EMS because of the hands on medical experience and leadership experience that comes from working the events as well as the friendships she has made with other members. 

Josh White

Training Director

Josh is a junior from Danville, IN pursuing a major in Biochemistry and a minor in French. He plans to attend medical school following his graduation in May 2015. Josh has volunteered part time for two years with Wayne-township Fire Department on the west side of Indianapolis. He started volunteering with IC-EMS his sophomore year (2012-2013) during which he primarily served as an EMT supervisor. He has found serving with IC-EMS a fulfilling role that allows him to renew, sharpen and expand his ability to respond to emergencies as well as meet some of the most gifted and enjoyable people on this campus.


Jacob Johnson

Public Relations

Jacob is originally from Newburgh, IN and went to Castle High School. He is a Junior at IU studying chemistry. He has been a firefighter for 4 years, an EMT, and a rescue diver. Jacob serves as a member of Newburgh Fire Department and Bloomington Township Fire department. He also referees soccer all across the country anywhere from the youth level, all the way up to division 1 college and professional soccer.

Brent Wiederhold

Special Projects Manager

Brent is a sophomore from West Lafayette, IN studying Biochemistry and Spanish. He joined IC-EMS in Fall 2013 as a First Aider, due to an interest in providing patient care as well as developing practical medical skills. He is currently undergoing EMT training and expects to be certified by the end of the semester. After graduating in 2017, Brent plans to attend medical school. He greatly enjoys the opportunities afforded by IC-EMS to interact with and care for patients, get to know other medically-oriented students, and further his own experiences.

Loran Saggu


Loran is a third year (junior) student studying Computer Science. From Fort Wayne, Indiana, Loran began his involvement with IC-EMS in the fall of 2013, and he has since been well engaged in trying to aid others as well as develop his own skills set through IC-EMS. Loran enjoys the opportunity to work with and positively impact the lives of others. Loran's post graduation plans are, at the moment, not firm, but he definitely hopes to enjoy the ride and make the most of it.   


Matthew Kuhlenschmidt

Assistant Training Director

Meet Matthew, a senior studying criminal justice, originally from Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Matthew has had his EMT certification for 1.5 years, and he has worked for IC-EMS for 1.5 years. He enjoys training with IC-EMS and has developed a lot of skills with the club. After college, Matthew remains unsure about a career path, but he plans to be involved with law enforcement, EMS, or the military. Mr. Kuhlenschmidt also enjoys long walks on the beach.

Caroline Watkins

CPR Coordinator

Caroline is a sophomore from Bloomington, IN, majoring in Business and minoring in Mathematics and Medical Sciences. She joined IC-EMS in the fall of her freshman year. Caroline plans to graduate in May 2017, and be done with school. She thoroughly enjoys being part of IC-EMS because the organization allows her to gain valuable patient contact experience and meet amazing people who share an interest in emergency medicine.


Under Construction!!


HELLO! Welcome! IC-EMS is looking to build an alumni network and give current students an opportunity to connect with, engage with, and learn from graduated members as well as allow alumni of IC-EMS to remain connected with the organization and with one another. The skills garnered through service with IC-EMS last a lifetime. We want to allow previous members a chance to pass down their own wisdom so that we may ultimately become a stronger, better equipped and better prepared organization.

If you are interested in reconnecting with the club, fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you!

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