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Intra-Collegiate Emergency Medical Service


Brent Wiederhold


I am a senior from West Lafayette, IN studying Biochemistry. I joined IC-EMS in Fall 2013 as a First Aider with no prior experience, but an interest in providing patient care as well as developing practical medical skills. I became EMT-B certified December 2014, worked as a health officer at Ransburg Scout Reservation over the following summer, and am currently employed as an EMT at IU Rec Sports. After graduating in 2017, I hope to attend medical school. I greatly enjoy the opportunities afforded by IC-EMS to interact with and care for patients, get to know other medically-oriented students, and further my own experiences. 

Josh Schuljak

Vice President

I am a senior from Crown Point, Indiana double majoring in biology and psychology. I joined ICEMS as a first aider fall semester of my freshman year and then became certified as an EMT the December of my sophomore year. After graduating in 2017, I plan on attending veterinary school. I enjoy being in ICEMS because of the friendships I have created, the patient experience I have gotten, and the excitement of watching the events while working. ​

Josh Griggs


I am a junior from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring in Finance with a minor in chemistry. I joined IC-EMS as an EMT in the spring of my sophomore year. After graduating in May, 2018, I hope to attend medical school and eventually study Emergency Medicine with an emphasis on Pediatrics and EMS. My favorite thing about being in IC-EMS is the valuable patient care experience.


Pam Muangmingsuk

Membership Director

I am a junior from Munster, Indiana majoring in Neuroscience ​and minoring in French, Psychology, and Chemistry. I've been a part of IC-EMS since my freshman year starting as a First Aider, and became a certified EMT December 2016. I joined because as a pre-med student, I wanted more hands on experience working with patients and wanted to see if the working in medicine was something that I enjoyed doing.  

Bryce Bobb

Events Director

I am a senior studying biology with minors in Portuguese, Chemistry and Psychology, as well as a certificate in Neuroscience. I plan on working in a research lab at Johns Hopkins and then pursing medical school. I joined ICEMS as a freshman and worked as a first aider until I became certified as an EMT. I enjoy ICEMS because it allows me to practice emergency medical care as well as make new friends.

Susan Elisabeth Mari

Training Director

I am a Senior from Vernon Hills, IL studying Human Biology with a minor in French. After completing my degree, I plan to attend medical school and continue to serve in the field of emergency medicine. I joined IC-EMS in the Fall of my Freshman year and earned my EMT-B that Spring. I went on to join the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians in December 2014 and worked the next two summers as the First-Aid Coordinator for Camp Lakeview in Seymour, IN. I am currently employed as a First Responder with IU Recreational Sports, where I have the opportunity to provide front-line care for both students and staff.


Melissa Hartman

Assistant Training Director

I am a junior from Goshen, IN majoring in Human Biology and minoring in chemistry and Norwegian. My plans are to attend medical school after graduating from IU and work in the surgical field. I became a certified AHA CPR instructor and EMT-B in the spring of 2015. I joined IC-EMS in the spring of 2016 and appreciate the valuable patient care interaction I have experienced and the opportunity to use my medical skills through the organization.

Anaelle Zimmowitch

CPR Coordinator

I am a current junior studying Human Biology and Neuroscience. After I graduate in 2018, I plan on attending medical school and further exploring my passion for the field of neuroscience. I've been involved in IC-EMS ever since I earned my EMT-B In the summer of 2015, and have also recently become an AHA Instructor. I'm definitely looking forward to teaching the future IC-EMS First Aiders and EMTs before working alongside them! If I had to pick the best parts of the organization, the opportunity of getting to meet and work with other like-minded people is second only to the actual pre-hospital experience and interactions with the various patients I've encountered so far.

Raja Reddy


I am a Junior from Carmel, Indiana pursuing a Computer Science BS with a Specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and minors in Chemistry and Math. I am a member of the Wells Scholars Class of 2014, and after graduation, I plan to attend medical school to further develop my pasion for the integration of emerging technologies into medicine. I joined IC-EMS my sophomore year, and I have really enjoyed the valuable patient-care experience that I have gained - Moreover, I've had the great opportunity to interact and network with other like-minded students and medical professionals.


Jonathan Mathioudakis

Public Relations Director

I am a sophomore from Fishers, Indiana majoring in Informatics-Security with a double minor in Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language). I first joined IC-EMS back in the spring of my freshman year, and have had zero regrets about doing so. I plan to graduate in May of 2019, and hope to get a full-time job with Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Cybercrime Unit. Personally, my favorite things about being in IC-EMS is the friendships I have gained and all of the invaluable patient contacts I have had in my short time here. P.S. Be sure to follow IC-EMS on Twitter (@ICEMSIU) and Facebook (IU IC EMS)!

Mary Angstadt

Special Projects Director

I am a senior majoring in biology and the Liberal Arts Management Program. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana, but I’ve loved getting to know Bloomington over the past few years. I joined IC-EMS during the winter of 2015. This year, I am the Director of Special Projects. After graduating in May 2017, I will work as an EMT in Indianapolis while I apply to medical school. I have loved my time in IC-EMS because of the hands-on patient experience and meeting other amazing life-savers!


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HELLO! Welcome! IC-EMS is looking to build an alumni network and give current students an opportunity to connect with, engage with, and learn from graduated members as well as allow alumni of IC-EMS to remain connected with the organization and with one another. The skills garnered through service with IC-EMS last a lifetime. We want to allow previous members a chance to pass down their own wisdom so that we may ultimately become a stronger, better equipped and better prepared organization.

If you are interested in reconnecting with the club, fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you!

At the moment, please use the contact information on the Contact tab of our website to reach us while we build a new form.
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