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Resources for Partner Institutions

In the current grant cycle, the IAUNRC will partner with a number of higher education institutions, including historically black colleges and universities, community colleges, and other minority-serving institutions to develop sustained and long-lasting relationships. We invite our partners and as well as any other interested schools to utilize our resources on Central Eurasia to increase the international content in curricula and on campuses.

Online Audio/Visual Materials

Our collection of digital media include podcasts on Central Eurasia related topics and IAUNRC sponsored photography galleries. videos of past IAUNRC events, and audio materials including our [link]collection of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty sound files of broadcasts in Central Asian languages.

Free Learning Materials

The IAUNRC has sponsored the creation of a number of free learning materials that may serve as resources in the teaching or personal study of the region. We have created a Music & Culture DVD for Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Mongolia, as well as other materials for the study of Turkish and Azeri. We ship these materials free of charge to addresses within the United States. View our listing of Free Learning Materials, to learn more about our offerings and how to order items.

Collection of Loanable Resources

The IAUNRC maintains a collection of DVDs, books, traditional clothing, and other resources that may be loaned for non-commercial use to instructors and students of non-profit educational institutions and to individuals for private use.