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Kris Rees "Multiculturalism in Kazakhstan"

Tue, Nov 19, 12:00 pm
Ballantine Hall, 004

Kris Rees, a doctoral candidate in the Central Eurasian Studies and Political Science Departments, will be discussing his work on "Multiculturalism in Kazakhstan" on November 19th, from noon to one in Ballantine Hall, room 004.

“My research examines long term changes in the nature of group identity in Kazakhstan. I am particularly interested in the interaction between ethno-national identities, such as Kazakh or Russian, and civic identities such as Kazakhstani, and how the state intervenes to shape these competing conceptions. My presentation will outline the theoretical framework and long-term historical factors that underpin my upcoming qualitative fieldwork, and I will also discuss how I plan to conduct my fieldwork.”

This is part of the new Graduate Student Brown Bag Talks, designed to allow students to share their research, work, experiences and goals with their peers.