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“War of Necessity” in Afghanistan and its Unexpected Consequences

Wed, Feb 20, 12:00 pm
Center for the Study of the Middle East | Conference Room

Keynote Speak: Professor Nazif Shahrani

The war launched by the US and her coalition partners against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was to bring peace and stability in that country and to rid the world of the menace of global terrorism. But the war also had an unmistakable cast of taking revenge.  Eight years and several billion dollars later, President Obama recast the war in Afghanistan as a “War of Necessity” and intensified it by military surges, only to declare recently the end of combat for the US troops (by spring of 2013) and total withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan before the end of 2014.

The war against resurgent Taliban is to be Afghanized and US loses brought to a halt. Disillusionment with the outcome of the decade-long international intervention and uncertainty about the future grips Afghans and the peoples of the region. Will discuss: how and why the apparently well intentioned and costly war efforts produced so little?  Were these outcomes avoidable?  How?  What will be the consequences of American’s longest war in Afghanistan for that country, the region and for the future of American foreign policy in decades to come?