People of the HLP

Steering Committee
Arlene Díaz, Joan Middendorf, David Pace, Leah Shopkow.

Participants in the HLP Summer Meetings 2010

HLP participants at the 2010 Summer Meetings
Back row: Eric Sandweiss, Michael Grossberg, Marissa Moorman, John Nieto-Phillips, Nicole McGrath, Jolanta Mickute, José Najar
Front Row: Joan Middendorf, Keith Eberly, Arlene Díaz, Leah Shopkow, David Pace, Catherine Brennan, Tara Saunders

Senior Fellows
2008-2009. Padraic Kenney, Marissa Moorman, John Nieto-Phillips and Eric Sandweiss.
2009-2010. Michael Grossberg, Marissa Moorman, José Najar and John Nieto-Phillips.
2010-2011. Michael Grossberg, José Najar, John Nieto-Phillips and Eric Sandweiss.

Graduate Research Fellows
2008-2009: Mayumi Hoshino and Lauren Miller.
2009-2010: Keith Eberly and Nicole McGrath.
2010-2011: Jolanta Mickute and Tara Saunders.

Project Assistant
Catherine Brennan

Faculty in the Indiana University History Department who were interviewed:
Maria Bucur, Deborah Deliyannis, Konstantin Dierks, Wendy Gamber, Peter Guardino, John Hanson, Sarah Knott, Jim Madison, Marissa Moorman, Amrita Myers, John Nieto-Phillips, Scott O'Bryan, Mark Roseman, Eric Sandweiss, Lynn Struve, Kirsten Sword, and Jeffrey Veidlinger.

Faculty and graduate students who worked to create strategies for teaching and assessing specific operations:
George Alter, Dan Clasby, Kalani Craig, Tammy Jo Eckart, Elizabeth Lambert, Matthias Lehmann, Marissa Moorman, Mark Roseman, Alfio Saita, Eric Sandweiss, Steven Stowe, Heather Vrana, and Edward Watts.

Those offering support from the Dean of Faculties Office:
Jeanne Sept, Ray Smith, George Rehrey, and Jennifer Robinson.
We also wish to thank Ralph Zuzolo and his staff for their assistance with the videotaping.

* Contact information for individuals named on this page can be found on the IU History Department page.