Department of History
Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall.

Nato in Paris, 1954

NATO in Paris, 1954.

Mussolini and Hitler

Mussolini and Hitler.

Modern European art

Modern European art

Modern European art

Modern European art

Modern European art

Modern European History

The Modern Europe field welcomes all students interested in the history of Western Europe since 1800. Our faculty is particularly strong in twentieth-century Germany (Roos and Roseman), modern Italy (Ipsen), Jewish history and history of the Holocaust (Roseman), gender and women’s history (Bucur and Roos), cultural and intellectual history (Spang and Wahrman), and demographic and family history (Ipsen). We encourage our students to establish ties to other areas of strength within the History Department, such as public history, history and memory, and cultural history.

Students in modern European history also benefit from excellent resources outside the History Department. More than one hundred faculty in more than twenty departments are affiliated with the West European Studies Center, and Indiana University recently won a grant from the European Commission to establish the European Union Center of Excellence on the Bloomington campus. Faculty and students in Modern European history are also active in the Borns Jewish Studies Program, the Population Institute, and the IU Economic History Workshop.

Affiliated Faculty


H104  Europe: Napoleon to the Present
H231  The Family in History
H251  Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to the Crusades
H252  Introduction to Jewish History: From the Crusades to the Present
B100  Issues in Western European History
B200  Issues in Western European History
B224  The Emergence of Europe
B260  Women, Men, and Society in Modern Europe
B300  Issues in Western European History
B321  Modern Jewish History: from Expulsion to Revolution
B322  Jews in the Modern World
B323  History of the Holocaust
B324  Zionism and the State of Israel
B357  Modern France
B358  The Industrial Revolution and the Economic Development of Europe
B359-B360  Europe from Napoleon to the First World War I-II
B361-B362  Europe in the Twentieth-century I-II
B366  Paris and Berlin in the 1920s: A Cultural History
B368  Modern Italy
B377-B378  History of Germany since 1648 I-II
B400  Issues in Western European History
H523  The Holocaust
H620  Colloquium in Modern Western European History
H720  Seminar in Modern Western European History 

For information on our Graduate program requirements and guidelines see the “Guide to Graduate Study in History”, “Graduate School Bulletin” and the “Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Guidelines”.