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Jewish History

Indiana University has much to offer to graduate students who wish to specialize in modern Jewish history. Within the History Department, particular strengths include East European and Russian Jewish history, the history of the Holocaust and twentieth-century Germany, Sephardi history in Spain and the Sephardi diaspora, the history of Palestine and Jerusalem, and the European eighteenth-century. Graduate students can major in Jewish history for their master’s and doctoral degrees.

Indiana University is also home to one of the largest Jewish Studies programs in the country with affiliated faculty in seven different departments. Hebrew and Yiddish language are offered through the Jewish Studies Program, in addition to the wide range of languages that are being taught in other units on campus. Being able to specialize in modern Jewish history in the History Department, graduate students can thus expect to be part of a truly interdisciplinary endeavor.

Numerous other resources are available in other units on campus as well, for example the Russian and East European Institute. Intensive reading-comprehension courses, Reading Yiddish for Holocaust Research, are offered in conjunction with the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies (CAHS) of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in the summer.

Affiliated Faculty


H251 Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to the Spanish Expulsion
H252 Introduction to Jewish History: From the Spanish Expulsion to the Present
B200 History of Jerusalem: Three Faiths, Three Thousand Years
B321 From Expulsion to Revolution
B322 Jews in the Modern World
B300 Antisemitism in Europe since the Enlightenment
Sephardic History and Culture
Jews in Muslim Lands
B323 History of the Holocaust
D304 Jews of Eastern Europe
J300 Jews of Spain
Perpetrators of the Holocaust
J400 Anti-Semitism and Jewish Responses
Jewish Cultural History of the Modern Era
Jewish Emancipation
B523 The Holocaust
H620/720 Jews in Modern Europe
Nazism and German society
Life after Death: Germany after 1945
H640 Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe

For information on our Graduate program requirements and guidelines see the “Guide to Graduate Study in History”, “Graduate School Bulletin” and the “Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Guidelines”.