Department of History

Ancient History

The ancient history field at Indiana University introduces students to the societies of the ancient Mediterranean world and the historical methods useful for their study. Faculty members in ancient history offer a broad collection of courses detailing the social, religious, political, and cultural histories of Greece and Rome while also participating in Indiana’s growing Ancient Studies Program. Indiana’s ancient historians also cooperate actively with faculty in Classical Studies, Religious Studies, and Art History to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the ancient world.

At the undergraduate level, IU’s historians of ancient cultures regularly offer a broad survey of the history of the ancient Mediterranean; a two-semester survey of ancient Greek history; a two-semester sequence of Roman history; and a series of seminars touching upon specific topics in ancient history. Recent seminar offerings have included Late Antique Paganism, Ancient Biography, and The Fall of the Roman Republic.

Graduate training at Indiana takes a similarly inclusive view of ancient history. Students are equipped to research and teach in all areas and periods of Greek and Roman history. The field has particular strengths in the social and political history of Classical Greece, the cultural and religious history of the later Roman Empire, and late antiquity. Students are further encouraged to take advantage of Indiana’s abundant course offerings in ancient languages (including Greek and Latin as well as Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, Syriac, Classical Arabic, and Georgian).

Affiliated Faculty

For information on our Graduate program requirements and guidelines see the “Guide to Graduate Study in History”, “Graduate School Bulletin” and the “Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Guidelines”.