Department of History

Stephen Andrews

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of History
  • Managing Editor, Journal of American History


  • Ph.D. at Stanford University, 2005

Contact Information

1215 Atwater Avenue
(812) 855-3980


My current projects focus on the religious, cultural, and social history of the United States in the decades before the Civil War. It examines how dramatic changes in technology and popular culture transformed the experience of religion. My current project details the epistemological crisis created by the popularity of spiritualism during the 1850s and how it contributed to a crisis of authority in science, religion, and medicine. My work and teaching also utilizes literature and cultural theory to help recover and explain the antebellum period.

Selected Awards

  • James Birdsall Weter Award
  • Fred W. Oakford Fellowship
  • Mrs. Giles Whiting Fellowship
  • Fellow, Standford Humanities Center (2000)

Research Interests

  • Antebellum America
  • Literature and Popular Culture
  • Religion
  • Countercultural and Social Reform movements

Courses Recently Taught

  • American Countercultures
  • Haunted America: Radical Religion and the American Fascination with the Occult
  • Graham Crackers, Free Love, and Conversations with the Dead: American Radical Religion and Reform, 1830-60

Publication Highlights


* (Manuscript) Co-Editor, Benito Cereno: A Bedford Cultural Edition