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Writing Resources

The history department provides the following website to guide graduate students in the preparation, practice, and perfection of colloquium, seminar, and grant writing.

General History Resources

* denotes a site that requires an IU Log-in

African History

  1. African Studies Association
  2. H-Net Africa
  3. Indiana University African Studies Center
  4. IU African Studies miscellaneous newsletters

European History

  1. The Study Center
  2. The Netherlands Historical Data Archive

US History & Indiana History

  1. The Indiana Historical Society
  2. Organization of American Historians

Medieval European History

  1. The Medieval Webserver, known as the Labyrinth, is maintained by Georgetown University and is an excellent source of information on Medieval Studies & History.

Russian History

  1. Pravda Archive Online
  2. Russian Military Intelligence Online, 1651-1917 *
  3. Russian History Reading List prepared by faculty of University of Illinois

Miscellaneous Resources:

  1. Center for History and New Media
  2. Fresh from the Archives, a website with content provided by recently returned PhD candidates or young faculty giving step-by-step introductions to the archives of the world, an invaluable resource.
  3. Scholarly Societies Project, whose goal is to facilitate access to webpages and
    gophers of maintained by or for scholarly societies across the world.
  4. History Net contains scholarly reviews and information on subscribing to e-mail lists related to history, conference announcements, and job positions.
  5. Spatial History Project, with great examples of visualized data inspired by historical research in the archives



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