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Field Advisor Research Interests

Hallimeda Allinson

Gender and Sexuality Judith Allen  

Ruth Almy

Great Britain Michael Dodson Empire, Victorian Studies, the Commonwealth, Post-Colonial Theory

Marc Antone

Latin America Peter Guardino Mexico, Violence, Authoritarianism, Borderlands, and State Building
Richard Barrett Ancient    
Daniel Beben Asia    

Miles Blizard

Medieval History Leah Shopkow Medieval Historiography, Medieval Perceptions of Roman and Early Christian History, Western Europe in Late Antiquity, French Vernacular Chronicles, French Bishops in the 13th and 14th centuries, Medieval cities, Medieval Latin

Charles Bonds

Russia Hiroaki Kuromiya Interwar Soviet Union, Ukraine, Romania, Jewish Studies

Jennifer Boles

Latin America Peter Guardino Visual history, modern Mexico, post-1968 cultural politics, urban studies, experimental cinema, documentary filmmaking, oral history
Marlena Brown Modern Europe    
Sandrine Catris Asia    
Adrienne Chudzinski United States    
Andrew Clark Gender and Sexuality Judith Allen Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century sexology, Medicine, sexuality, deviance

Chris Clements

United States Christina Snyder Native North America, Environmental History, Borderlands

Rachel Coleman

United States Michael Grossberg Twentieth century US, History of Religion in American, Evangelicism, Fundamentalism, Intersection of Religion and Politics, Education, Science, and Gender
Hannah Craddock Gender and Sexuality Judith Allen 19th century women, Reproduction, and Feminism
Catalin Cristoloveanu Eastern Europe    
Miguel Cruz-Díaz Great Britain Lara Kriegel Empire, anarchism, the Left, space and place, political and cultural history, and identity
Emma Cudahy Jewish History Mark Roseman History of the Holocaust; the Jewish American Diaspora; Jewish Identity; Testimony; Memory
Brian Cwiek Asia    
Theresa Dazey Middle East    
Aimee Dobbs Russia    
Erika Dowell United States Konstantin Dierks  
Mark Durbetaki United States Christina Snyder 19th and 20th century, esp. federal off-reservation boarding schools for Native Americans, histories of race, identity, education, and the American "Wests"
Christopher Eichstedt Latin America Jeffrey Gould 20th-century Latin America, Political, Cultural, and Intellectual History, Costa Rica, Neoliberalism, Modernization, and Development
Justin Ellsion United States    
Kyle Fernandez United States Judith Allen  
Angel G. Flores-Rodríguez United States Nick Cullather Imperialism, Race, Nationalism and popular culture in the US and the Hispanic Caribbean
Sarah Foss Latin America Jeffrey Gould Modern Central America, ethnicity, indigenous movements, identity politics
Carmen Garcia-Prieto Latin America    
Nancy Germano United States Eric Sandweiss Environmental History, Urban History, Public History; Flood events and community relationships with rivers and streams
Brendan Gillis Great Britian Dror Wahrman 18th- and 19th-century Britain, law, state, political culture, empire, Atlantic world
Dissertation: "Conduits of Justice: Magistrates and the British Imperial State, 1732-1834"
Patrick Gilner Modern Europe Mark Roseman 19th- and 20th-century Europe, Modern Germany and Italy, Weimar Republic, Nazism, Fascism, the World Wars, Atrocities and War Crimes, Press, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Erin Gorman Medieval History Leah Shopkow Medieval social and cultural history
Natalie Gwishiri Africa    

Michael Hancock-Parmer


Ben Eklof

Ron Sela

Russian Central Asia, Imperial Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries, Central Eurasian Studies, World History, Gamification and Pedagogy, Global/Transnational History, Discourse of Nomadism, Cossack History, Kazakh History
Kathleen Hiatt Russia Hiroaki Kuromiya Eastern Europe, History of Ukraine, Collective memory, History of the Gulag, Modern Russia, Soviet Union, Stalinism, and Human Rights
Ramajana Hidic-Demirovic Eastern Europe    
Stephanie Huezo Latin America Jeffrey Gould El Salvador's Civil War, Oral History, Memory, Nation Building
Nicholas Hunot Medieval History Deborah Deliyannis Late Antiquity and Visigothic Spain, Urban and rural topography, Secular and non-Secular authority; Visigothic monasticism and hagiography

Andrew Jacobs

Russia Hiroaki Kuromiya Soviet-American Relations, the Cold War, the American Left

David Jamison

Africa   African Diaspora
Denisa Jashari Latin America Daniel James 20th century Chile, Social Movements, Oral History, Youth Culture
Alexa Justice Russia Hiroaki Kuromiya

Russia and Finland in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Karelian ASSR, military history

Alex Kirven Russia Ben Eklof Fin de siècle Russia, the Russian peasantry, rural professionals and the prospects of "modernizing" the Russian countryside through the use of agricultural machinery.
Amanda Koch United States Wendy Gamber

19th and 20th century United States, religion, social welfare, philanthropy, gender, and women.

Elizabeth Harrington Lambert Modern Europe Mark Roseman East Germany, Public History, Cultural History, Urban Studies and Architecture, Transatlantic/Comparative History, Jewish Studies, Travel and Tourism
Jessica Leach Medieval History Leah Shopkow Gender History, The Low Countries, Hagiography, History of Medicine, History of Disease
Hyon Ju Lee United States    
Michael Lemon Latin America

Jeffrey Gould

Eden Medina

20th-century Chile, Political History, Cultural History, History of Technology
Arthur Ling Asia    
Kyle Liston Modern Europe
Middle East

Carl Ipsen

John Hanson

Modern Tunisia, the Maghreb, North Africa and the Mediterranean World. Colonialism/Post Colonialism, Nationalism, Identity and State Formation.
Richard Lockton Great Britain    
Sean McKee United States Michael McGerr US 20th century cultural history, principally the cultrual history of alcohol
Ilana Miller Eastern Europe    

Lauren Renee Miller


Great Britain Dror Wahrman

18th Century Britain, Refugee Studies, Enlightenment, Religious Toleration, European Foreign Policy, History of Religion, Cultural History, British History, Atlantic World, and Early American History

Dissertation: "Refugee Nation: The Origins of Practicing English Toleration, 1680-1732"

Colleen Moore Russia Ben Eklof Late Imperial Russia, Peasants, Social History, Class, the Great War, Soviet Union under Stalin
Leone Musgrave Russia David Ransel  
Samson Ndanyi Africa Michelle Moyd Socio-political, economic, capitalism, film, drama, law and order, movement, time and space
Elizabeth Nelson Modern Europe Rebecca Spang The history of psychiatry and of madness; The history of science and medicine; Laboratories, museums, archives, and asylums; Science and Technology Studies; Modern European history; Fin-de-siècle France; Time, consciousness, and evolution; Religious experience, occultism, and magic
Betsy Pease United States Michael McGerr Modern US, cities, communities, rethinking the myths of social and national progress
Eric Petenbrink United States    
Mark Plozay Great Britain    
Anya Quilitzsch Jewish History Padraic Kenney

Ukrainian Jewry, Soviet Union, Everyday Life, Jewish/non-Jewish relations, antisemitism
Dissertation Topic: Transcarpathian Jewish life between 1945 and 1971.

Geoff Ralston Modern Europe Rebecca Spang Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century social and cultural history; the French Revolution and post-Revolutionary Europe; transnational social, intellectual, and political networks in the western Mediterranean; the French Atlantic World; history and memory; migration studies; police and secret societies.
Ruth Reichard United States    
Scott Reynolds Early Modern Europe Robert A. Schneider  
Julia Riegel Modern Europe    
Alaina Roberts United States Christina Snyder Intersection of African and Indigenous History in the New World, African and African American slaves of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indian Nations
Heather Roberts Ancient Eric Robinson Archaic and Classical Greek political and intellectual history, especially the intersection of intellectual culture and public affairs; Greek constitutional politics; transmission of intellectual tradition; Greek historiography; ancient history pedagogy.
Tola Rodrick Ancient Edward Watts Late Ancient Religious and Philosophical Traditions, Coptic Language and Literature, Egyptian Monasticism
Sarah Rowley United States Michael McGerr Women's and gender history; political history; sexuality and reproduction; politics of abortion; popular culture; social movements; feminist theory
Tara Saunders United States Wendy Gamber Late 19th- and 20th-century U.S. social and cultural history; American consumer cultures; American popular cultures; history of everyday life; material culture; cultural history of business and work; history of gender and sexuality (esp. masculinity and heterosexuality); American intellectual history
Abby Sayers Great Britain    
Timo Schaefer Latin America Peter Guardino Modern Mexico, Popular Political Culture, State Building, Violence, Agrarian History
Jim Seaver United States John Bodnar Mid-20th-century U.S. history, esp. World War II, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. 20th-century Germany, Folklore, material culture and museum studies.
Amy Simon Modern Europe Mark Roseman  
Sarah Anne Smith Medieval History Deborah Deliyannis Medieval natural philosophy, science and technology, folklore, occult protosciences (alchemy, astrology, magic, etc.).
Jennifer Sovde Modern Europe Rebecca Spang 19th & 20th century French social & cultural history, History of Children & Childhood, History of the Family
Ben Stellwagen Russia Jeffrey Veidlinger Ethno-religious history; German-Lutheran identity in the early Soviet Union; German diaspora communities; the Holocaust in German-occupied Soviet territories; interwar migration; the impact of Communist social manipulation on the self (observed through diaries and memoirs)
Carl Suddler United States

Khalil Muhammad

Claude Clegg

20th century U.S., Race, Crime, Urban History

Maksymilian Szostalo Medieval History    
Jordan Taylor United States Sarah Knott

Early U.S. and the Atlantic World; Age of Revolutions (esp. French and Haitian Revolutions in the United States); communications and print culture; the social history of political ideas

Paula Tarankow United States Wendy Gamber

Progressive Era; histories of gender (esp. masculinity) and sexuality; economic history; cultural history; meanings of modernity and the transition to "modern" America

Anjali Vithayathil Russia Ben Eklof Russian and Soviet Empire in Central Asia and the Caucasus; Frontiers and borders between Russia and Persia/Iran; Irredentism; Railroads
Jon Warner Latin America Jeffrey Gould  
Bobby Wells Early Modern Europe    
Mary Werden Eastern Europe Padraic Kenney 20th Century Eastern Europe; Poland; communism; historical anthropology
Dissertation: "From Village to State: Peasants, Power, and Rural Modernization in Poland, 1956-80"
Yanqiu Zheng Asia Klaus Mühlhahn Twentieth-century China, Nationalism, Sino-American relations, Education
Fabio Zoia Africa