Internship Requirement

Internships are an excellent way for students to test professional interests in a real work setting, while gaining invaluable experience and promoting skills to future employers. Students in an academic program requiring an internship may earn academic credit and count that internship (e.g. student teaching) toward fulfillment of the HHSP requirement, however, appropriate paperwork must be completed.

All scholars are required to complete an internship, most appropriately suited to their field of study and intended career pursuits. To considered eligible for the HHSP internship requirement, an internship must:
        • Be supervised. This means that you must meet with your supervisor in person at least once
        a week to discuss your progress, challenges, etc.
        • Last at least 9 weeks. This is the minimum amount of time necessary to have a meaningful          internship experience and gain meaningful knowledge of and exposure to your field. In some         cases, this requirement may be waived. Please submit the preapproval form for your internship       to see if an intership lasting less than 9 weeks will be approved.
        • Provide an opportunity to learn and/or work on a particular project during your internship,
        not just do busy work.
        • Further your understanding of a career field or build on coursework you've taken.
        • Increase your employability in your field of interest.

It is expected that all scholars complete the required internship prior to beginning their final year of coursework.

Students must submit the Internship Pre-Approval Form no later than two (2) weeks before beginning the internship. A determination regarding your proposed internship will be made and you will receive notification of that decision via email.

Upon completion of their internship, students must submit the Scholar Internship Evaluation and have their direct supervisor submit the Supervisor Internship Evaluation to the HHSP office in Memorial Hall West room 108. Once both evaluations have been received, you will be sent notification via email that your internship requirement is complete.

Students should keep a copy of all documentation for their records.

Submit the Internship Pre-Approval Form    
Submit the Scholar Internship Evaluation    
Download the Supervisor Internship Evaluation PDF MIcrosoft Word