OVerseas Study Funding Opportunities

Hudson and Holland Scholars may apply for a grant to support their overseas study. Grants are awarded according to quality of application and merit of the proposed overseas experience. The Hudson and Holland Scholars program will not award grants for travel to any area or country for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning.

Scholars may apply for an HHSP Overseas Study Grant multiple times, but total awarded funds from HHSP may not exceed $1500 over the course of the students undergraduate career.

To apply for an grant, scholars must complete the Overseas Study Grant Request form as well as the Semester of Leave Notification Form, which is required of all HHSP scholars who will be taking leave from the IUB campus, but still retaining scholarship funds, for a semester or more. Requests should be submitted no later than one (1) month before your departure date.

Awards are based on cumulative GPA, LEAD attendance history, previous awarding and award packet availablity.

If awarded, scholars must check in with their assigned HHSP program counselr via email for required number of program counseling sessions. (Sophomores will need to check in twice a semester, juniors and seniors once a semester.) In addition, students must submit a final report of their experience to hhsp@indiana.edu by the first day of classes of their return semester to campus. The student's HHSP counselor will read the report and disscuss it with the scholar at their next meeting upon the student's return.

Students must notify HHSP immediatedly if travel plans are cancelled. Also, a student must remained enrolled during the semester and not withdraw from all courses. If a total withdrawal from all courses occurs, student will be placed into repayment for return funds.

Submit the Semester of Leave Notification Form
Submit the Overseas Study Grant Request Form