About our past

In April 1987 the Bloomington Faculty Council approved the establishment of Minority Achievers Program (MAP) with the first students enrolling in the Fall of 1988. The idea of implementing MAP came as a result of the lack of vigorous recruiting by Indiana University-Bloomington of qualified minority students. MAP was designed to assist in the enrichment of the intellectual, creative and leadership pool in the state of Indiana by searching nationwide for the most capable minority students. The program was also a response to the brain drain of talented minority residents of Indiana attending universities outside the state.

In 1993 the MASS Program was added to the MAP to attract qualified minority students of color who desired to major in mathematics and the natural sciences. The MASS Program was a conscious attempt to build upon the success of MAP. Like MAP, MASS worked to attract superior African-American, Hispanic and Native-American students to Indiana University-Bloomington.

During fall 2004, the Minority Achievers Program (MAP) and the Mathematics and Science Scholarship (MASS) were renamed the Herman C. Hudson and James P. Holland Scholars Program, in recognition of the numerous contributions of Dr. Herman C. Hudson and Dr. James P. Holland to the campus of Indiana University-Bloomington. A brief synopsis of the significant contributions made by Dr. Hudson and Dr. Holland can be found by following the links in the sidebar.