Holistic advising is an important part of HHSP's commitment to supporting Scholars in reaching their educational, personal, and professional goals. In other words, HHSP advisors go beyond assisting Scholars with course planning; we also build personal and caring relationships with our students so that we can help Scholars clarify their values, define their goals, connect Scholars to resources and opportunities, and overcome challenges. HHSP advisors also plan programs that incorporate the educational, professional, and social interests of Hudson & Holland Scholars.

Each Hudson & Holland Scholar is assigned an HHSP advisor. If you are a freshman and NOT a Direct Admit student into one of the schools (e.g, Kelley, College of Arts & Sciences, Informatics, etc.), then your assigned HHSP advisor will also be your University Division (UD) advisor. Direct Admit freshmen should see their assigned academic advisor for course planning and all other issues related to your major but should meet with their assigned HHSP advisor to ensure they are in compliance with their HHSP scholarship requirements. HHSP Scholars, after being admitted into their schools, should meet with their assigned academic advisor to address academic issues, develop four-year plans, and do graduation checks; but HHSP upperclassmen are encouraged to stay in contact and maintain the relationships with their assigned HHSP advisors.

Please, see below for information on the advisors, how to schedule advising appointments, walk-in advising, and what HHSP advisors can and cannot do.

Meet the Advisors

Photo of Miriam Attenoukon
Dr. Miriam Attenoukon

STEM Coordinator
Arts & Sciences (Science Majors)
Computer Science & Informatics
Public Health

Room: 330 South
Phone: 812-855-0976

Photo of Susan Forney
Susan Forney

Program Advisor

Room: 320
Phone: 812-855-6903

Photo of Precious
Precious Majors

Program Advisor
Retention & Support Initiatives
-Study Skills
-Stress & Crisis Management
-Academic Probation
-Time Management
-Peer Mentoring

Room: 325 East
Phone: 812-855-7488

Photo of Rick Mulcahy
Dr. Rick Mulcahy

Program Advisor
Art & Design
Arts & Humanities
Global & International Studies
Human Biology
Media School

Room: 330 North
Phone: 812-855-1132

Photo of Jennifer Poe
Jennifer Poe

Associate Director/Director of Advising
Pre-Social Work
Social Work

Room: 322
Phone: 812-855-0995

Advising Questions

Advisor Appointment and Walk-in Times
Checking/Scheduling an Appointment
Scheduled Appointment vs. Walk-in Appointments
Student Center (One.IU)
How to Register
Frequently Asked Questions