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Geological Sciences Graduate Handbook a detailed overview of becoming a graduate student.

Graduate and Professional Students' Organization is an incredibly useful IU student-run group that helps and networks grad students.

University Graduate School the official location for information and applications for graduate school.

Prospective Graduate Students

You might evaluate and compare geological sciences graduate schools based on three basic features:

Here’s information about Geological Sciences at Indiana University, broken down into these categories:

Academic fit and quality

IU Bloomington’s Geological Sciences department has an excellent faculty with depth in a wide variety of geological research topics. Check out faculty profiles, research topics groups as well as recent publications and grants to find the best match or group for your interests. Our faculty, scientists, research faculty and adjunct faculty are primed and ready to answer your individual requests. Every man and woman in the department welcomes the personal contact of interested graduate students – start a dialog by phone or email.

If you're not sure whom to contact, or are interested in more general information about the department contact Simon Brassell, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies,, 812-855-3786.

Graduate students describe the academic atmosphere in IU Geological Sciences as "open door" and "collaborative". Plus former graduates credit the multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary focus as being interesting and helpful in later career.

The Geological Sciences department often works with other academic and research units at Indiana University such as the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Indiana Geological Survey.

The Geological Sciences department has an excellent collection of instrumentation and scientific facilities. In fact a number of schools and research groups send materials to IU for analysis.

IU Geoscience graduates are highly regarded and actively recruited by industry, government and other academic institutions. IU Geology's network of alumni has a tradition of helping graduates find and secure the jobs they seek.

Chance of acceptance

The Geological Sciences department is well-financed and growing. The current faculty-to-student ratio for all students is under 3-to-1.

Practical and non-school considerations

For IU Geological Sciences graduates, finding a job is not an especially difficult problem. The department has a significant and successful system for connecting grad students to recruiters, and the alumni network, including many distinguished and influential geologists is active and helpful.

Students can support all their graduate school expenses through work in applied geology, research and/or teaching. There are a wide variety of endowments and awards for graduate students, and field work and lab work are readily available. It is also far from a "boys only" department. (See the current faculty and graduate student directories.)

IU is an outstanding university, with a diverse faculty and student body – welcoming of international students and rich in scientific and cultural pursuits. (Take a tour.) Bloomington is a relatively inexpensive, safe and fun city. There is always something to do: with a great collection of entertainment venues and restaurants, the city is surrounded by interesting geology and tens of thousands of acres of state and national forests, lakes and wetlands. There are many recreational choices and opportunities.

Your Next Step

Thoroughly check out this site and make contact – either by phone or email. Director of Graduate Admissions, Professor Gary Pavlis (, 812-855-5141) can answer any question about the program and refer you to other faculty. Or you can contact individual faculty members directly.

To apply for graduate school at IU you need to apply at the Geological Sciences department and through University Graduate School admissions. Contact us and we'll be happy to talk you through it.

Choosing the right graduate school can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Choose wisely.