Doug Edmonds

doug edmonds

My research focuses on the stratigraphy and dynamics of depositional sedimentary systems. Scales of interest range from detailed flow structures and sedimentation in rivers to whole system behavior of coastal systems and river belts. I use a combination of mathematical modeling, field observation, and occasionally experimentation to understand these systems. My research is generally directed toward understanding the coupled surficial and sedimentological evolution of these systems.

Assistant Professor Doug Edmonds receives the Malcom and Sylvia Boyce Chair in Geological Sciences

Doug Edmonds: "The generous gift from Malcolm and Sylvia Boyce will allow me and my group to explore a variety of exciting, interdisciplinary projects. The funds will support on-going research looking at climatic controls on river behavior and sedimentation, stratigraphic signature of deltas and anabranching rivers, and the processes of floodplain formation. Excitingly, this endowment will support research in new areas such as the fate of the rapidly eroding Mississippi Deltaic plain.

For instance, we will look at the connection between human river manipulation and the disappearance of the Mississippi Deltaic coastline, and the patterns and processes of marsh erosion in the Mississippi delta from remote sensing data. We also seek to develop and test theories for the interaction between plants and sediment transport and how that might be used to enhance sedimentation on drowning coastlines."

Malcolm and Sylvia Boyce Chair: Established in February, 1997 by Advisory Board member Malcolm Boyce and his wife Sylvia for the purpose of receiving and investing contributed funds, this endowment reflects their commitment to directly support their "Excellence in Geosciences" initiative and to benefit the Department. Income from the endowed gift is allocated to strategic programs in the Department’s academic plan, consistent with the guidelines for endowed professorships and chairs. Expenditures are authorized by the Chair of the Department for the reasonable and customary requirements of a named faculty position in accordance with internal operating policies. It is the intent of the donors that the Professorship support and attract outstanding faculty and clearly superior post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. Malcolm Boyce received his Master’s degree from IU in 1956, and was Vice President of Chevron International Oil Co.

Doug Edmonds holds the Professorship from July 2015 - July 2020.

current research projects

Edmonds is actively looking for graduate students to join his lab. Please see the research projects and grants links for possible thesis projects.