Indiana University Bloomington

Most Recent Colloquia: Fall 2014

September 8: Herschel McDivitt, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Title: Oil and Gas Production in Indiana How is it Regulated?

Synopsis: In my presentation will cover the following areas:

Rooney Landscapt

September 15: Tyrone Rooney Michigan State University. Title: From initiation to termination - the critical role of magma in rift evolution

Abstract:The evolution of the continental lithosphere during the rupture of continents involves a series of processes that requires a multi-disciplinary approach to their study. Geochemistry provides a powerful tool that can augment geophysical and tectonic observations and provide a unique control on the rifting process. In this talk we will examine the geochemical evidence for mantle plume contributions to rift magmatism, the consequences of lithospheric thinning on magma generation, and the long term impact of rifting processes on the upper mantle. Our focus will be on the East African Rift - the archetypical example of continental rifting, with application to magma-rich rifting worldwide.

September 22: Alan Chapman, Missouri University of Science and Technology

September 29: Bill Ellsworth USGS Menlo Park, California

October 6: Audrey Sawyer, University of Kentucky

October 13: Becky Lange, University of Michigan

October 19-22: No colloquium, GSA Meeting in Vancouver BC, Canada

October 27: Bill Gilhooly, IUPUI

November 3: Jennifer Glass, Georgia Tech

November 10: Mickey Gunter, University of Idaho

November 17: Paul Knauth, Arizona State University

December 1: Terry Pavlis, University of Texas at El Paso

December 8: Wolfram Kuerschner, University of Oslo Title: Vegetation patterns during the End-Triassic mass extinction: did better genes increased survival changes of land plants?"