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Studying deep subsurface mines with similar conditions to extraterrestrial locations
Nucleation and Fluxes of Atmospheric Particles
Dispersals of early humans: adaptations, frontiers, and new territories
An outreach program bringing  seismology research into the classroom

Skeleton study sheds new light on how snakes evolved

David Bish and colleagues

From the IU Newsroom: Research by paleontologists at Indiana University and the University of Nebraska sheds new light on how snakes evolved their elongated, legless bodies.

P. David Polly of Indiana University and Jason Head of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln examined regional differences in the shapes of individual vertebral bones in snakes, lizards, alligators and mice. Snakes are different from these other amniote groups in that they lack forelimbs, shoulder girdles and sternal skeletons. Snake vertebrae were assumed to have become less regionalized when the limbs were lost. IU Newsroom article and the Nature article

Curiosity Rover On Mars

IU on Mars: David Bish and Juergen Schieber article on Inside IU Bloomington
NASA: Latest News from Mars
Finding life beyond Earth: JPL | NASA | NOVA
Faculty links: David Bish | Juergen Schieber | CheMin PPT

IU Bloomington geologist reports results of Mars mineralogy investigation. |
IU geologists analyze data from Curiosity’s instruments. |

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Geoclub offers departmental tutoring sessions Geoclub is now offering departmental tutoring sessions. The sessions are held every Monday from 6-8pm in room G245.

Bill SB114 to designate a new State Fossil for Indiana: Elegantocrinus hemisphaericus.

A bill has been introduced in the Indiana legislature to designate a state fossil for Indiana, the elegant sea lily. This crinoid was first described from the famous Mississippian-aged Borden Group crinoid beds at Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The bill is SB114, which is introduced by the bipartisan pair of Mark Stoops (our senator) and Philip Boots (Crawfordville’s senator). More information

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Organic Matter from the Santa Barbara Basin
Southern Caribbean Plate Boundary Studies
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  • February 2: Ariel Anbar, Arizona State University. Title: Education Through Exploration
    4:00 p.m. GY143. Refreshments served at 3:30 in the Geology lobby. more
  • February 3: Ariel Anbar, Arizona State University. Title: A Non-Traditional Application of Non-Traditional Isotopes: Can Calcium Isotopes Detect Cancer
    Brown-bag talk, 12:00 p.m., S201.
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