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Brenda R. Weber

Brenda Weber Department Chair
Professor of Gender Studies
Adjunct Professor of American Studies, Program in Cultural Studies, Department of English; Affiliate Faculty, the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

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Ph.D., Miami University (Oxford), 2001


G101 – Gender, Culture, and Society
G225 – Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture
H299 – Gender, Representation, and Reality TV
H300 – Honors Colloquium on the Body
G304 – The Construction of Masculinities: A Survey of Manhood in the American Imagination from the 1950s Forward
G310 – Representation and the Body
G402 – A Fascination with Fame: Gender and the Culture of Celebrity
G485 – Gender and Discourse
CS601/AMST620/GS701 – Cultural Studies, the Body, and Theories of Embodiment
G602/CS701 – The Gendered Politics of Cultural Production and Criticism: Discredited Genres, Unruly Peoples, and Wayward Acts
G603 – Contemporary Debates in Feminist Theory
G701/CS701 – Gender, Media, and the Politics of Celebrity
G708 – Contested Masculinities
G714 – Gender, Race, and Media
G780 – Gender Studies Professionalism


My work engages with a wide archive of mostly discredited cultural texts, including non-canonical nineteenth-century transatlantic women's literature and contemporary media, specifically literature, film, and television. As it relates to these texts I have particular interest in how the identity is discursively gendered, constructed, and embodied through written and mediated means, as well as how gender, sex, sexuality, race, and class work together to inform notions of the "normative" self. Celebrity, masculinity, and American religious cultures have become important themes offering a framework for coherency across the many modalities in which I work.



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Mediating Masculinity:  American Masculinity in a Post-Millennial Mediascape


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