Indiana University

Department of Second Language Studies

The 13th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference

March 4–6, 2015

GASLA brings together researchers working on the nature, use, and development of interlanguage in all contexts of bilingual and multilingual acquisition.

GASLA 2015 Special session: Motivating change in second language acquisition

Submissions are invited in any sub-area of linguistics (syntax, phonology, semantics, etc.) that addresses the process of second language acquisition: the psycholinguistic mechanisms that drive it, the nature of developmental stages, the nature of triggers, or the role of second language input in inducing the development of interlanguage grammars, among other topics.


GASLA proceedings will be published by Cascadilla Press. Please submit papers by June 15, 2015. Information for authors

Conference Booklet

View the booklet containing general information about the conference, including location, abstracts, and participants.

Featured Speakers

Rex A. Sprouse, Keynote speaker

Professor, Indiana University

Interlanguage Production, Intuition, and Processing: What Are Generative Models Models Of? (abstract)

Alison Gabriele, Invited Speaker

Associate Professor, University of Kansas

Reexamining Transfer (abstract)

Tania Ionin, Invited Speaker

Associate Professor, University of Illinois

Syntax/semantics mappings in second language acquisition: focus on the nominal domain (abstract)

Philippe Prévost, Invited Speaker

Professor, Université de Tours

The relevance of repetition tasks for the identification of SLI in bilingual children (abstract)


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Contact Information

Please contact the GASLA Organization at with any questions or comments.

Organizing Committee

Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig

Professor and Chair, Second Language Studies

Laurent Dekydtspotter

Professor, French Linguistics
Professor, Second Language Studies

David Stringer

Associate Professor, Second Language Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor, Linguistics

Jordan Garrett

Spanish and Portuguese

Becky Halloran

Second Language Studies

Tania Leal

Post-doctoral Fellow in Spanish and Portuguese

Sabrina Mossman

Second Language Studies

Paul Richards

Second Language Studies