Graduate Student Supplementary Syllabus (Fall 2012)

Graduate students enrolled in Early China (EALC E505) will meet weekly for an additional hour at a time and place to be arranged at the start of the term. Written assignments will include maintaining a reading Journal somewhat differently configured from the undergraduate assignment and completing a term research paper. 

Tentative and preliminary schedule of classes:

        NOTE:  Although this may seem like a fully developed agenda, it is actually simply a starting point. We will negotiate reading selection in response to your specific interests as the term progresses.

Where an asterisk * appears, individual chapter assignments with precis will be involved.

Week of                (NOTE:  "Cambridge" = Cambridge History of Ancient China, located in the Wells Library Research Collection: DS 741.5 .C35 1999)

August 20          Sources and approaches to the study of early China

                No readings

August 27          Baseline analytic model of historical change in the Eastern Zhou

                Cho-yun Hsu, Ancient China in Transition, chapters 1-4 (pp. 1-106)

September 3        Approaches to the Zuozhuan as history & literature (I)

                Yuri Pines, "Intellectual Change in the Chunqiu period," Early China [EC] 22, pp. 77-132
                David Schaberg, "Remonstrance in Eastern Zhou Historiography," EC 22, pp. 133-179

September 10        Confucianism and ritual culture

               Eno, The Confucian Creation of Heaven, Introduction and ch. 2, pp. 1-15, 30-63

September 17        Confucian philosophy

                *David Hall & Roger Ames, Thinking Through Confucius

September 24       Daoism

                Michael LaFargue, The Tao of the Tao te ching, selected passages

October 1/8           MIDTERM PREPARATION AND FALL BREAK (no meetings these two weeks)

October 15        Origins of Chinese civilization

                * Li Liu et al., State Formation in Early China

October 22        Bronze Age polities

                 David Keightley, Cambridge, ch. 4, pp. 232-91
                 Eno, "Shang State Religion and the Pantheon of the Oracle Texts," in Lagerwey & Kalinowski, Early Chinese Religion, pp. 41-102

October 29      The Shang and the Shang-Zhou transition

                Robin Yates, "The City-State in Ancient China," pp. 71-90
                David Pankenier, "Astronomical Dates in Shang and Western Zhou," EC 7, pp. 2-37

November 5        Western Zhou history

                * Feng Li, Landscape and Power in Early China, ch. 1, 27-90; ch. 2, 91-140

November 12        Qin Dynasty

       * Martin Kern, The Stele Inscriptions of Ch'in Shih-Huang

November 26     Han governance and culture

                * Michael Loewe, The Government of the Qin and Han Empires
 * John Henderson, Canon and Commentary 

December 3       Individual research project reports