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Study Abroad in Greece

IU’s Office of Overseas Study offers IU-affiliated programs during the summer and academic year at the College Year in Athens, an organization that specializes in

offering courses in the classics, history, and social sciences. Students can study for one or two summer terms, for a semester, or for an entire year. During the summer, two of the courses offered are frequently taught by IU faculty members, Susan Buck Sutton and Robert Sutton, both of whom work at the Indianapolis campus. 

Being in Greece allowed me to experience the language and the culture on its own terms. ~Richard Barrett

This past summer during the first term, Professor Robert Sutton taught a course titled “Discovering a Greek Polis: Ancient Athens on Site” in which students explored the politics, society, and culture of ancient Athens through actual, on-site examinations of its archeological remains. During the second term, Professor Susan Sutton then taught “Encountering Modern Greece: Service Learning and Anthropology on the Island of Paros." Her course explored the complexity of modern Greek life through a variety of field and service learning projects. 

In addition to these IU-affiliated programs IU students can arrange to study abroad through programs at other universities and have the credits transferred back to IU. Some universities that offer interesting study abroad opportunities include: Arcadia University (archaeology and classics), the University of California San Diego (modern Greek history), and the University of Missouri (creative writing).