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Roy Gardner Award

In memory of Provost Professor Roy Gardner, a cherished colleague and teacher, the Institute for European Studies is established an annual Roy Gardner Best Master’s Thesis Award. Professor Gardner sat on more EURO thesis committees than any other faculty member in EURO history, and was an integral and active member of the Institute for European Studies faculty and community.

A well-known academic, Professor Gardner specialized in game theory and worked in fields as diverse as European integration, post Soviet economies, environmental economics, and many others. He was on the editorial board of a number of academic journals, and was academic director of the MA program in economics at the Ukranian National University. Despite being an in-demand academic with a busy international schedule, Dr. Gardner was always available to students and was willing and eager to assist whenever he could. To view our memorial page with memories of Prof. Gardner from faculty, staff, collegues, and friends, click here. And if you have any memories you would like to add please e-mail

The 2012-13 recipient of the Gardner Award was Sonja Rother, who defended a thesis titled "'I Think I Should Like to Die Here': Proust, Mann and James in Venice" in spring 2012. Her thesis was directed by Professors David Hertz, Johannes Türk, and Loise Wise. Faculty are asked to nominate students they have worked with for consideration. The prize is currently set at $200.

Past recipients

2010-11 (inaugural): Jason Gonzalez

2011-12: Bob Larsen

2012-13: Sonja Rother

2013-14: Mary Hennessy

2014-15: Luke Wood

2015-16: TBD Spring