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Opportunities for Careers in Modern Greek

Learning Modern Greek can help open the door to a variety of possible careers.  It can be a stepping-stone to a career in the Foreign Service or other government agencies.  Additionally, it can help facilitate and enrich career opportunities in international education, assisting high school teachers and college professors in planning study-abroad opportunities for their students.   

Careers in business and law are also possibilities.  Since Greece’s merchant marine is the largest in the world in terms of tonnage, fluency in Greek combined with a law degree and a specialization in international shipping law could lead to a rewarding career that spans the great ports of the contemporary world.  

Additionally, there are substantial opportunities for business majors.  Many American companies, such as Coca-Cola and Heinz, have elected to establish their European headquarters in Greece.  Modern Greek can also help augment academic careers in a variety of fields: history, the classics, linguistics, political science, literature, folklore, and anthropology.  It is a research language of growing importance and a rich field in which to conduct research.