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Lecture Fund

EURO will offer small awards to co-sponsor lectures organized by IU departments and faculty and to bring lecturers to campus to speak on topics related to Europe and the European Union. These funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please email with a detailed request including:

  • the speaker and topic of the lecture
  • the date
  • target audience
  • anticipated attendance
  • and other sponsors of the event

Lectureship funds cannot support hospitality. Funds may be applied toward expenses such as honoraria, room/equipment rental, or publicity/print costs. In your request, please indicate how our financial support may be best utilized.

In exchange, we ask (1) that you allow us to advertise the event on the EURO email list, (2) that you acknowledge the support of the Institute for European Studies; print materials should reference "the Institute for European Studies" and (3) that you respond patiently to our requests for information on attendance at the event and the composition of the audience (e.g. undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, general public).

DEADLINE: Rolling deadline until funds are expended for the semester.