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Past Thesis Topics

Thesis Title Thesis Writer Degree Earned Yearsort ascending
Visualizing Agency: Postcards and Romanian National Identity Fumurescu, Ana MA 2015
Nationalist Movements: A Comparative Analysis of Scotland and Northern Ireland Cooper, Jeremy MA 2014
The Ideas of "Movement" and "Order" in Their German Context Hertel, Jeffrey MA 2014
French Intellectuals and the French-Algerian War: Crisis and Revolution Hammitt, Katie MA 2014
Bureaucratic Politics of the FRG Decision to Bail out Greece Wood, Luke MA 2014
Human Trafficking in Western Europe: Addressing the Policy Implications of Supply and Demand Taylor, Shayna MA 2014
Politics as Melodrama in Faith Atkin's "Gegen die Wand"/"Head-on" and "Auf der Andered Seite"/"The Edge of Heaven" Hennessy, Mary MA 2013
European Union Policy Evaluation: A Comparative Analysis Picha, Kallan MA 2012
I Think I Should Like to Die Here" Proust, Mann and James in Venice Rother, Sonja MA 2012
The Twenty First Century Struggle for National Identity in the United Kingdom Broadway, Julia MA 2011
The Realization of Requests in Dutch by Native Speakers and Learners Goff, Megan MA 2010
Nato's Burden Sharing Disparity in the Contemporary Environment: An Institutional Approach Gonzales, Jason MA 2010
Legitimizing British Facism LaLonde, Nicole MA 2010
The Post Golden Age of European Economic Growth in Western Europe Pass, Paul MA 2009
Higher Education Reform in France: Breaking the Circle of Obstinancy Trueblood, Tia MA 2009
An End to Nuclear Power, or a Renewed [Half-] Life? Comparing German and Swedish Nuclear Energy Policy Reform Behling, Alison MA 2009
The Bologna Process: Trends from 1998-2009 Carlton, Matthew MA 2009
EU Competition Policy at a Crossroad Satchwell, Andy MA 2008
The Troika and Sudan: Improving Western Performance in Multi-Player Peace Negotiations Weinberg, Mark MA 2006
The Stability and Growth Pact and Germany's Domestic Politics vis a vis Rational Choice and Constructivism Picht, Kerstin MA 2006
War of Words: The Deterioration of French-American Bilateral Relations Preceding the Invasion of Iraq Linton, Todd MA 2006
The Significance of Reconciliation and European Union Enlargement Policy on Croatia's Accession Report Mainhardt, Ryan MA 2006
Soccer's Role in a Changing Europe Mukherjee, Misha MA 2006
L'Affaire Du Foulard: Religion, Republicanism, and Identity in France Peoples, Damian MA 2005
Cassa per Il Mezzogiorno and the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union: A Comparative Analysis, The Coulter, Amber MA 2002
The Silent Struggle: The Persecution of Homosexuals in Nazi Germany Bowen, Jennifer MA 2001
The Grande Coquette in French Theatre, 1885-1925 Free, Rebecca PhD 1998
Divided They Stand: Managing Diversity Bertolini, Mark MA 1998
The Impact of Mass Tourism on the Economic and Political Structures of Spain Coffield, Amanda MA 1996
Bicycle in French Art and Society, The Bouffard, Konrad MA 1996
The Mafia in Italy Metzger, Eric MA 1996
Whistling in the Dark: Memory, culture and Politics in Wartime London Freeman, Jean MA 1995
Common Tourism Policy for the European Union, A Hoffman, Thomas MA 1995
Consumer Behavior and International Advertising as Related to Cultural Values: The Cases of the United Kingdom and Hungary Dalakas, Vassilios MA 1994
General Maurice Gamelin: Scapegoat or Guilty for the Fall of France? The Politics of Counterterrorism in Western Europe Derrick, William MA 1994
Comparison Between Vichy French Chantiers de La Jeunesse and the Nazi Reichsarbeitsdienst, A Huston, Samuel MA 1994
Cold War Conflict: American Intervention in Greece Calbos, Paul MA 1993
La Peste: The Far Right in Twentieth Century France Ault, Kirstin MA 1993
Dynamic of Institutional Reform in Contemporary Italian Politics, The Caten, Gene MA 1992
Pedro Almodovar and Post-Franco Spain Noeyenbos, Ann MA 1991
Creative Extensions: Americans in Paris and Berlin Hogge, Caroline MA 1990
Soldiers of Destiny: The Fianna Fail Party, the Irish Republican Army and a United Ireland Prusiecki, Jr. , John MA 1990
Image and Constraint: Factors Affecting Foreign News Selection in Regional Newspapers in France, Britain and the United States Gaunt, Philip PhD 1989
Denmark and NATO: A Consistency of Contradictions Blanks, Gregory MA 1989
Ireland and the Defense of Western Europe: Issues and Implications Anderson, Dennis MA 1988
British Defense Policy: A New Approach? Changing Journalistic Roles in France and Britain Applegate, William MA 1988
British Defense Policy: A New Approach? Changing Journalistic Roles in France and Britain Applegate, William MA 1988
Teacher Unions in the Federal Republic of Germany and in England and Wales Betterman, Kathleen MA 1988
History of West European Rocketry and Space Research, A Jorde, Lee MA 1988
Nato Expansion and Romanian Security Interests Banya, Christopher MA 1986
Arms Procurement Cooperation and a European Defense Antis, Robert MA 1980
The Franco Hatian Wine War Brady, Janet MA 1975
Contraception and Population Policy in France since 1945 Butler, Jane MA 1971