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Teachers' Workshops

The EU Center offers European Union training for educators

The EU Center regularly sponsors professional development opportunities. To stay informed about these events, please join the West European Studies' K-12 educator listserv.

2012 Teachers' Workshop

South Bend: March 30

This workshop introduces teachers to the governmental institutions of the EU and to their history and relationship vis-à-vis individual member states. Topical discussions on EU institutions, policies, and why and how the EU is relevant to the Midwest will be presented in the morning. The afternoon session will be devoted to a model European Council exercise, with each teacher representing a particular EU member country. Presentations will stress the interdisciplinary nature of EU studies—economics, environment, geography, globalization, government, languages and culture, etc.

2011 Teachers' Workshops

Cincinnati: June 29
Indianapolis: April 1

2008 Teachers' Workshop

"The European Union and Why It Matters to Indiana"


2007 Teachers' Workshop

Download the Workshop materials: The European Union 2007, EU Policy Summaries & Model European Council Simulation.

2006 Teachers' Workshop

Workshop for Social Studies Teachers: "The European Union and Why It Matters to Indiana"
Curriculum Units: Model European Council Simulation
This simulation was developed by the 2006 Teachers' Workshop for a middle or high school classroom of 15-29 students.
Download: DOC or PDF.

The Institute for European Studies, Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center, and Russian & East European Institute also offer teachers' workshops focusing on the member states of the European Union.

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