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Overseas Scholarship

The EU Center provides funds to graduate students studying the European Union

In order to encourage IU graduate students to study the European Union (EU) in Europe, the EU Center offers the “EU Center Overseas Education Scholarship” for graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington.



  • Students must be participating in a formal program containing a strong EU component. The program must have a clear focus on the EU, a member state’s relations with the EU, or how the EU is related to a specific theme.  A program does NOT automatically qualify simply because it is held in an EU member state.
  • Students must be admitted to a graduate degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington.
  • Program must be for IU credit, but it is not limited to programs in the College of Arts and Sciences nor from the IU Bloomington campus. (More information about the EU Center's study abroad programs, or overseas programs at IU is available from the Office of Overseas Studies.
  • Students must have 3.00 or above cumulative GPA on the date of scholarship application. 
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Students must submit a complete, typed, signed, and dated hard copy of the application to the EU Center (Ballantine Hall 542) before the overseas study program application deadline.
  • Funding normally will not exceed $500.

Required information:

  1. Application
  2. On a separate sheet of paper, explain in 250 words or less how this overseas study program would impact:
    • Your course of study at IU
    • Your future plans
    • Your understanding of the EU.
  3. A current transcript (unofficial are acceptable).
  4. Information (such as a syllabus or course description) about the overseas program for which you are seeking support.

The application deadline is rolling. We recommend, however, that applications be submitted by March 1.

For more information, contact the EU Center at or (812) 856-3832.

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