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Educational materials for K-12 Teachers

EU Center Curriculum Units:

  • Model European Council Simulation
    Download: DOC or PDF.
    This simulation was developed by Indiana University's 2006 Teachers' Workshop for a middle or high school classroom of 15-29 students.
  • The Euro and ECB
    Download: DOC or PDF, PowerPoint Presentation
    Developed in 2011, this lesson plan is designed to teach 12th Grade Economics students about the benefits of using the euro.
  • The Euro and Greece Explained
    Download: DOC or PDF, booklet
    Developed in 2011, this lesson plan is designed to teach middle and high school students about the euro and the Greek Debt Crisis. This lesson plan includes a booklet explaining the crisis and a quiz.
  • An Introduction to the European Union
    Download: DOC or PDF.
    Developed in 2012, this lesson plan is designed to introduce 5th or 6th Grade Language Arts students to the European Union, particularly to the cultures and languages of the EU member states.

Additional Resources at Indiana University:

  • REEI K-12 Teacher Outreach
    The Russian and East European Institute Outreach Program serves as an informational resource on the Russian and East European area for the needs of local, regional and national constituencies.
  • EURO Teacher Resources
    The Institute for European Studies offers K-12 teachers a variety of resources to create lesson plans, use interactive technology to connect with Europeans and European experts, and bring cultural items to the classroom.
  • IAUNRC Teacher Resources
    The Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center offers curriculum materials for teaching about Central Eurasia at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.

Outreach World
A comprehensive one-stop resource for teaching international and area studies and foreign languages in the pre-collegiate classroom.

Indiana in the World
Indiana in the World has been selected for inclusion in the ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies / Social Science Education. Over 4,000 copies of materials have been distributed to Indiana middle and high school teachers, education faculty and teachers in training across Indiana, various Indiana education associations, and other national global educators.

UNC European Union Online Resource Guide
This site has been developed to provide teachers and students with an historical perspective on the development of the European Union and European Monetary Union.

European Union - Delegation of the European Commission to the United States
Teaching Resources with links to course syllabi on the EU from a number of US universities; EU simulations; High School instruction; and a variety of other teaching resources.

EUCE Network Educational Resources
There are numerous educational resources including course syllabi for college courses and pedagogical materials for K-12 teachers. In addition, there is a listing of online sites and features that explore specific EU political, social, and cultural issues.

EUROPA: Europe in 12 Lessons
These lessons provide a comprehensive overview of the European Union, its history, its activities and how it works.

Programs in International Educational Resources
Three lessons on the US and the EU: Common and Divergent Interests and one on Cyprus and the European Union.

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