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The Indiana University European Union Center (EUC), School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Kelley School of Business Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), and West European Studies Center (WEST) sponsored the European Union Regulatory Policy: Lessons for Indiana forum.

As the world’s largest economic area, the European Union (EU) is an important market for Indiana exporters and provides most of Indiana’s foreign investment. As trade and investment with the 27 EU member states increase, Hoosier firms will find themselves complying with EU regulations. At the same time, the EU is a leader in regulatory policy, offering a rich example of policies that could serve as a model to the United States and to Indiana. To address these challenges, the Indiana University European Union Center is excited to offer this daylong symposium.

Keynote Speaker:Gary V. Litman, VP for Europe Policy and Initiatives at the US Chamber of Commerce
Gary V. Litman photo
Gary Litman

Mr. Gary V. Litman is Vice President for Europe Policy and Initiatives at the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the largest business organization in the United States. In this capacity, he develops and executes effective government relations strategies in U.S., European and international organizations; advises American and international corporations on market challenges and advocacy campaigns; manages teams of policy professionals in the U.S. and Europe, and represents the U.S. Chamber during international summits, business coalitions and policy negotiations.

Specialty Areas:
U.S. trade and investment policy; U.S. and foreign politics; international institutions and international government relations; corporate strategic market positioning in Europe and Eurasia; association management Intellectual property policy .
Prior to assuming his current position at the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Mr. Litman worked as an associate at the Law Offices of Stewart and Stewart in Washington, D.C.  At Stewart and Stewart, he was the attorney responsible for the legal work of the firm’s international business and investment division. He advised corporate clients on regulations and investment opportunities in Europe, Russia, and Kazakhstan and drafted and helped negotiate joint venture contracts, export/import and licensing agreements, technology transfers and investment projects. He was also responsible for ensuring the firm’s compliance with export controls, the Foreign Agent Registration Act, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Mr. Litman holds his Juris Doctor degree from the National Law Center of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Fluharty Picture
Charles Fluharty

“The U.S. Impact of Upcoming EU Agriculture and Rural Development Policy Adjustments: The Cadence Toward 2013”
Mr. Charles W. Fluharty is the founder, President Emeritus, and Vice President for Policy Programs of the Rural Policy Research Institute, the only policy institute in the U.S. solely dedicated to assessing the rural impacts of public policies. This comprehensive approach to rural policy analysis involves researchers from universities, research institutions, governments, and non-governmental organizations. The author of numerous policy studies and journal articles, he has presented dozens of Congressional testimonies and briefings. He is also a frequent speaker before national and international audiences and has provided senior policy consultation to most federal departments, state and local governments, associations of government, planning and development organizations, and many foundations.


Picture of Grau i Segu
Marti Grau i Segu
"The greening of the European Car Industry"
Mr. Marti Grau i Segu was a Member of the European Parliament prior to this summer’s elections. During his term, he was a member of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and a substitute member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He was the Rapporteur of the opinion on the Small Business Act, where he drafted an opinion for the Internal Market Committee on the European Commission’s plan to improve the performance of Small and Medium Businesses. Prior to his term as an MEP, he worked as a Parliamentary Advisor in the European Parliament. During this time he performed work related to the Foreign Affairs, Constitutional Affairs, and Culture and Education Committees.
Paulette Kurzer
Paulette Kurzer
"Future of Green Biotechnology in Europe"
Dr. Paulette Kurzer is a Professor in the Political Science department at the University of Arizona. Dr. Kurzer's research interests include institutions of the European Union and the intersection between domestic and European policy-making. Her work has appeared in the Journal for European Public Policy, the Journal of Common Market Studies, and other refereed journals as well as several edited volumes. Her most recent book is Markets and Moral Regulation (Cambridge University Press, 2001), and she is the author of “What’s for Dinner? European Farming and Food Traditions Confront American Biotechnology” (Comparative Political Studies, May 2007) with Alice Copper. She is currently working on the perception of risk and the formation of a new public health domain in the EU.
Dominic Marcellino
Dominic Marcellino

"Trends in EU energy and climate change policy"
Mr. Dominic Marcellino is a Fellow at the Ecologic Institute in Washington, D.C. Previously, he worked on the research and coordination of IN-STREAM, a project looking to combine traditional economic indicators with sustainable development objectives at Ecologic Berlin. His research and policy interests include: EU-U.S. relations and cooperation, international environmental policy, international climate change policy (with a special focus on emissions trading systems and REDD), the economics of climate change mitigation and adaptation, EU and U.S. energy and climate change policy, and the tension between energy and climate policy.

Evan Ringquist
Evan Ringquist
"Stakeholder Influence in Regulation: Comparing Regulatory Development Processes in the European Union and the United States"
Dr. Evan Ringquist is Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Programs in Public Affairs and Public Policy at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  Mr. Ringquist’s research focuses on the consequences of government action in the areas of environmental, energy, and regulatory policy, as well as on administrative decision making. He is a co-author of Contemporary Regulatory Policy, 2nd Edition (New York: Lynne Reinner, 2006) and “Evaluating the Effectiveness of International Environmental Agreements: The Case of the 1985 Helsinki Protocol” (American Journal of Political Science, 49(1): 2005), as well as the author of Environmental Protection at the State Level: Politics and Progress in Controlling Pollution (Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1993).
Mattias Sundholm
Mattias Sundholm
Mr. Mattias Sundholm is the Deputy Spokesman for the European Commission Delegation to the U.S. He is also the Deputy Head of the Delegation’s Press and Public Diplomacy Section, charged with promoting the EU’s positions and policies throughout the U.S. Prior to his current position, he was Information and Communications Coordinator in the Directorate General for Development at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels. From 2002 to 2004, he worked as a diplomat with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Sundholm has worked as a consultant for French consultancy FI System, focusing on European Affairs and public relations, and for three years as a journalist for Aftonbladet, Scandinavia's biggest daily newspaper.

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