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European Responses to the Economic Crisis

Lessons for the US

How have the “politics” of economic crisis and the Great Recession played out differently in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere?  What explains these differences?  And what does this mean for the future of global economic and political relations?  To answer these questions, this event will bring together a diverse set of scholars along with members of the policy/business community to identify similarities and differences in crisis responses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Friday, April 8, 2011   

Woodburn Hall 200
1100 East Seventh Street
Bloomington, IN

Panel I: Comparing Responses to the Crisis: Europe and the US

  • Jeffrey Hart, Indiana University, "Explaining Variance in US and European Responses to the Financial Crisis of 2008”
  • Stephen Silvia, American University, "Path Dependent Economics: Explaining Differences in German and US Reactions to Financial Crisis”
  • Layna Mosley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Governments and Global Capital After the Great Recession”
  • Michael Lee, Indiana University, “Calm after the Storm? The Political Economy of Regulation after Financial Crises”

Panel II: The Crisis and the Welfare State: Does Context make a Difference  

  • Paulette Kurzer, University of Arizona, “The Dutch ‘Polder Model:’ What Accounts for its Surprising Resilience in the Wake of the Global Economic Crisis?”
  • Ben Ansell, University of Minnesota, “Crisis as a Political opportunity? Partisan Responses to the Credit Crisis”
  • Ashlyn Nelson, Indiana University, “Securitization and Loan Performance: A Contrast of Ex Ante and Ex Post Relations in the Mortgage Market”
  • Tim Hellwig, Indiana University, “The World Economy, Political Control, and Responsibility for Economic Conditions”

 Panel III: Implications for Voters and Parties in Europe and the US

  • Brad Gomez, Florida State University, “Blame and the Great Recession”
  • Erik Tillman, DePaul University, “Economic Voting and the Global Economic Crisis: Does Political Knowledge Matter?”
  • Guy Whitten, Texas A&M University, "Hard Choices in Hard Times: Valence Voting in Germany 2009”
  • Guillermo Rosas, Washington University in St. Louis, “Economic Crises and Leader Survival”

The Indiana University European Union Center, the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs, the Department of Political Science, the Center for International Business Education and Research, the West European Studies Center, and the Graduate and Professional Student Organization are all proud to sponsor this conference.

EU Flag This project is partially funded by the European Union.

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