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Center for Electronic and Computer Music
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The Center was established in 1966 by Iannis Xenakis as a mirror to the Centre for Automated and Mathematical Music in Paris. Created for the purposes of theoretical training, electronic and multimedia composition, and the dissemination of works through public concerts, CECM today houses two studios which employ the latest technologies in digital sound synthesis and sampling, MIDI, digital recording and editing, video, and research-level computing. The curriculum provides an extensive technical training and historical background for composition students with little or no previous technical experience. More advanced students may enroll to use the studio facilities for the production of compositions and multimedia works, as well as for research. The program may serve as a minor for the Doctor of Music degree, as well as a cognate or minor area for the Master of Music degree.

CECM now offers a Master of Music in Computer Music Composition degree. Click here for a full description. The Center also offers courses for non-majors including the Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music.

Faculty include Jeffrey Hass, John Gibson and Alicyn Warren.

Visit our evolving online electronic music text:
Introduction to Computer Music: Volume One

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