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Indiana University

East Asian Studies at IU


Asian Culture Center (ACC)

This center promotes understanding of Asian and Asian American cultures, history, and issues at Indiana University and the surrounding community. We regularly co-sponsor cultural events with the ACC, such as holiday celebrations and musical performances.

Center for Chinese Language Pedagogy (CCLP)
CCLP promotes the teaching, learning, and research of Chinese language. It provides leadership, scholarship, and service in Chinese language education to all sectors of society by supporting quality Chinese programs, K-16 articulation, professional development, and research.

Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER)

Indiana University’s CIBER supports professional international business development, research, and travel opportunities to faculty and students as well as outreach to regional and national business and educators. We collaborate with CIBER on several East Asia initiatives, including undergraduate study tours to East Asia and business language courses.

Center for Research on Japanese Educational History (CRJEH)
Founded in 1994, CRJEH supports international conferences, publications, international visitors, and a translation series to acquaint an international audience with current scholarship on the history of education in Japan. For more information, please contact Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures Professor Richard Rubinger at

ANU-IU Pan Asia Institute (PAI)

Pan Asia Logo
Combining the strengths of two world-renowned research universities, The Australian National University (ANU) and IU, PAI fosters scholarly endeavors, exchanges, academic programs, and collaboration on a broad range of issues related to Asia, from Turkey in the west to Polynesia in the east.

Institute for Korean Studies

The Institute was established in spring 2016 with a mission to advance interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of Korea at Indiana University and beyond. The Institute promotes Korean studies—including instruction, research, and outreach—emphasizing the social science and policy fields while taking advantage of the already strong humanities fields on campus.