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Indiana University


We have a vigorous K-12 teacher outreach program, including our flagship NCTA programs:




  • NCTA Enrichment Programs - One or two-day thematic workshops for NCTA alumni and other in-service educators nationwide.


Together, these programs have reached thousands of educators since their inception in 1999.

Since 2002, EASC has also offered NCTA Study Tours- Two to three week educational excursions to China, Japan, and Korea for NCTA alumni

As the winner of the prestigious 2005 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education, we are committed to meeting the professional development needs of teachers and to promoting the study of East Asia among K–12 students.

We also reach business, government, and media through briefings and conferences and the general public through regular sponsorship of cultural events, lifelong learning courses, as well as the colloquium  and film series.