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Indiana University


NCTA Teaching East Asian Literature in the High School Workshop

2017 Presenters

Andra Alvis
Part-time Assistant Professor, Asian Studies, DePauw University
Specialties: Fantastic literature of Japan and psychoanalytic and feminist theory

Cecilia Boyce
National Board Certified Teacher and IB HL Examiner, Hillsborough High School, Tampa, FL
Specialties: Teaches world literature in the International Baccalaureate Program, is our curriculum consultant for the sixteenth year

Susan Furukawa
Assistant Professor of Japanese, Modern Languages and Literatures, Beloit College
Specialties: Japanese history from 1590 to the present; Japanese national identity in the 20th century; modern Japanese literature; popular culture and media in Japan

Daniel Hsieh
Associate Professor of Chinese, School of Languages and Cultures, Purdue University
Specialties: Chinese language; classical Chinese literature

Yiju Huang
Assistant Professor of Chinese, Modern Languages and Literatures, Fordham University
Specialties: Psychoanalysis and Memory; 20th and 21st century Chinese literature; contemporary Chinese art and visual culture

Shin Young "Susan" Hwang
Assistant Professor of Modern Korean Literature and Culture Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University Bloomington
Specialties: Contemporary Korean literature and culture, intellectual history in East Asia, the relationship between aesthetics and politics, translation studies, and theories of world literature

Diana Lin
Associate Professor, Department of History, Indiana University Northwest
Specialties: Modern Chinese culture, politics, and intellectual transformation

Michael E. Robinson
Professor Emeritus, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University Bloomington
Specialties: The intellectual and cultural history of modern Korea with an emphasis on Korea’s colonial period; Korean nationalist ideology formation, journalism history, and colonial popular culture