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Indiana University

Funding Opportunities

For Faculty

Conference Travel Awards, Spring 2017

Full-member faculty are eligible to apply for our travel award competitions.

  • International travel can be covered but must be approved six weeks in advance of departure date, and the travel may need to be on U.S.-owned carriers in order to comply with the Fly America Act.
  • Priority is given to faculty who are presenting papers.
  • Maximum award amount is $500 and is meant to supplement other sources of support, which applicants are encouraged to seek.
  • Each faculty member is eligible to receive only one travel grant per 12-month period (September to August).
Application Deadlines
  • Monday, January 30 (for travel during Spring 2017)
  • International travel plans must be approved six weeks in advance of departure date and before purchasing tickets.

Applications must include:

  • Application form (PDF)
  • One-page abstract of conference paper
  • Letter of invitation or copy of the conference program
  • Letter of endorsement from your department chair

Please submit applications to:

Hye-Seung (Theresa) Kang
Indiana University East Asian Studies Center
Global and International Studies Building
355 North Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105
Fax: 812-855-7762

Please note: Applications must be submitted prior to undertaking travel. It is possible to receive an award after the trip has been completed as long as the application was submitted before the trip began. The EASC executive committee, which makes all final funding decisions, meets in October to review applications for fall semester travel and in February to review applications for spring semester travel.