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Professor Emerita, EALC


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As a trained anthropologist and linguist, I have for over three decades engaged in research that encompasses several different yet interrelated fields, but my particular specialties are anthropological/socio-linguistics, and phonology. My field research has been primarily conducted in Chinese communities in Shandong, Taiwan, and Fujian provinces. Besides the Chinese dialectology, I have also done field research in Taiwan aboriginal tribes in La'alua (Saaloa), Kanakanavu and Puyuma (of Austronesian language family).My teaching responsibilities in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Indiana University have included teaching Chinese language (First-year Chinese to Fourth- year Chinese and Cantonese), general Chinese linguistics, history of Chinese phonology, Chinese dialectology and culture courses; coordinating the Chinese language program (1975-92); offering training for Associate Instructors (teaching assistants) not only of the Chinese but also of the Japanese (1975-87) and Korean (1986-1990) programs. I have been elected President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) for two terms (1987-88, 1988-89). So far, forty of my former graduate students and the teaching assistants who have gone through my year-round training in teaching the Chinese language now hold or have held Chinese language/linguistics teaching positions at universities and secondary schools.