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Images of China

Sue Tuohy « Faculty

Senior Lecturer, EALC
Senior Lecturer, Ethnomusicology and Folklore

tuohys at
Folklore Institute, 504 N Fess,
Room 106
(812) 856-0203


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While trained in East Asian studies generally, my own research focuses on Chinese culture and on the ways in which musical performance, discousre, and institutions articulate, and articulate with, central issues in contemporary China. Among the theoretical issues I address through the study of expressive culture are processes of social transformation such as nationalism an dother forms of human affiliation as well as scholarly and political discourse. My approach relies on data gained through first-hand field research but extends to a wide range of media in which the performing arts plan a central role, including mass-mediated electronic forms such as television and video; print discourse such as scholarship and political writing; and live mass forms such as social- political movements and tourism. Focusing particularly on post 1978 China, I have also attended to similar processes found throughout the twentieth century such as social and political mobilization through film and music in teh 1920s-1940s. In my study of Chinese society, I not only have relied extensively on the Chinese-language scholarship as secondary sources but also have analyzed that literature as a form of cultural discouse that has had consequences for the organization and conduct of social life in the Peoples Republic of China.See also the website for the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology.