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Indiana University Bloomington

Images of China, Japan, Korea

Emeriti Faculty « People

Faculty Member Department Fields Research Interests
Laurel Cornell
cornell at
Japanese Studies Sociology of Japan, East Asian social and historical demographies
Jurgis S. A. Elisonas Japanese Studies Premodern Japanese history; culture of late medieval and early modern Japan; Japanese international relations in the Middle Ages and the Tokugawa era
Robert Eno
eno at
Chinese Studies Early Chinese history and thought
Eugene Eoyang Chinese Studies Traditional Chinese literature, theory of translation
Yoshio Iwamoto Japanese Studies Modern Japanese and comparative literature and arts
Roger Janelli
janelli at
Korean Studies Korean culture, religion, and social organization
Sumie Jones
joness at
Japanese Studies Traditional Japanese and comparative literature and arts
Gregory Kasza


Japanese Studies Modern Japanese politics and business
Susan Nelson
senelson at
Chinese Studies Chinese art history, traditional painting
Michael Robinson
Korean Studies History; cultural, transnational studies

Richard Rubinger


Japanese studies  
Lynn Struve
struve at
Chinese Studies 17th century political and intellectual history, East-West comparative thought , East Asia in world history, Chinese reference/source materials
Yasuko Ito Watt
ywatt at
Japanese Studies Japanese language and culture; Japanese language pedagogy
Margaret Yan
yan at
Chinese Studies Phonology; Chinese linguistics; anthropological/socio-linguistics; Sino-Japanese; Taiwan aboriginal languages; Chinese language pedagogy