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IU Affiliated Language Programs 

The Inter-University programs in Chinese and Japanese language are very highly regarded intensive language programs.   If you are considering application, you should first discuss your plans with the EALC faculty coordinator listed below for the appropriate program. Students who are accepted into and complete these programs are expected to emerge with very high proficiency levels in the language that they are studying.  Students apply directly to the program and are encouraged to apply for external funding options to help finance their participation.  Applications for admission to the Inter-University programs must be made in the fall of the year prior to enrollment

Students in these programs are able to register for IU overseas study credit, which in most cases can be transferred to graduate credit after the program is completed.  Students are encouraged to register for the overseas studies credit, because it will keep you in good standing in terms of student loans, IU computer accounts, etc. Students should contact Susan Carty in the Office of Overseas Studies for permission to register for overseas study credits.

Inter-University Program (IUP) Tsinghua University, Beijing PRC
Academic Year and Summer programs available.
Information and application:
Contact Professor Henghua Su for more information

Inter-University Center (IUC), Yokohama, Japan
Academic Year and Summer programs available
Information and Application: or
Contact Professor Edith Sarra for more information


IU Affiliated Exchange Programs

Through the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs (OVPIA), IU maintains exchange agreements with a few universities in China and Korea, and students with advanced language skills are encouraged to apply for these programs.   If students are accepted, the host university will cover most or all costs associated with study, and room and board and travel stipends are available from IU.  Applications are made though the Overseas Study Office.  Contact Shawn Reynolds for more information. 

In most cases, these exchange programs will not result in IU graduate credit, but in some cases, certain degree requirements can be waived when the program is completed successfully.  EALC graduate students should contact the EALC DGS, Edith Sarra, for more information before and after their program.For the 2012-2013 academic year, the following Universities have exchange agreements with IU.

The application deadline for 2012-2013 programs is October 28, 2013. Information and online application is available available from OVPIA or contact:

Shawn Reynolds
University Director, International Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Vice President for International Affairs
Bryan Hall, Room 104
Phone: (812) 856-9024

Non-IU programs

There are many study abroad opportunities available that are not directly associated with IU and students are encouraged to research other options.  Students should talk to their advisor, the DGS and their fellow students to get ideas for other programs that might be appropriate.  Students should also look into outside funding sources.

In most cases completing a year or a semester at a non-IU affiliated school will not result in graduate credit.  However, if students can produce documentation of their studies, in some cases some degree requirements might be able to be waived.  Students should talk to their advisor and the DGS about this possibility before and after the program. 

Advanced Research

In consultation with their advisor, many students will choose to live abroad while completing research and writing on their thesis or dissertation. 

Students are encouraged to look into funding options for living and researching while overseas.  One option for PhD students is Fulbright fellowships, which will pay living expenses while students are abroad.  Students can contact Paul Fogleman in the Office of Overseas Study for more information on the Fulbright and other funding options.