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Funding Opportunities « Graduate Studies

Grad Grants Center

The Graduate School GradGrants Center provides information and training to IU graduate students about how to apply for and receive grants.

Grad Grants Center
IUB Herman B Wells Library
Research Collection, Room 651
1320 E. Tenth St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-3907
Phone: 812-855-5281

EALC departmental AI-ships

Graduate students in East Asian Languages and Cultures and other IU graduate programs, may apply for assistant instructor positions in EALC.  Most EALC AI positions are available in the language programs.   Language AIs lead drill sections in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean classes.   There are also a limited number of AI positions available teaching discussion sections for 100 level EALC culture classes.  The department gives hiring priority to graduate students in EALC, but we occasionally need to hire graduate students from other departments.

Full AI positions (teaching 2 sections in a semester) pay a monthly stipend and include tuition remission at the rate of approximately 90% of College of Arts and Sciences tuition for up to 12 credits a semester. Half-time AI positions are paid a stipend, but do not include tuition remission.

Application procedures:

Applicants to EALC graduate programs: All new graduate program applications are considered for AI-ship funding as well as for admission.  Applicants interested in being considered for AI-ships should be certain to complete the “Departmental Questions” portion of the application.

Continuing IU students and applicants to other IU programs: Applications for AI-ships are available from the department office in Global and International Studies Building 2050 or online, and are due each year on February 15 for the upcoming academic year.  Applicants must submit the following for a complete application:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: The IU Dean of the Faculties requires all non-native speakers of English to take and pass the "Test of English Proficiency for Associate Instructor Candidates (TEPAIC)." ONLY those students who have taken and passed TEPAIC are allowed to teach. All international students applying for an AI position in EALC should carefully review the TEPAIC website and EALC's TEPAIC information sheet. Please be aware that inability to pass this test can result in the revocation of an AI offer.



Graduate students at Indiana University can apply for a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship. FLAS fellowships in Chinese, Japanese or Korean are offered by the East Asian Studies Center (EASC) and the Center for the Study of Global Change.  Students should refer to the above links for application information. 



College of Arts and Sciences

The Graduate Office of the College of Arts & Sciences offers a number of fellowships to incoming and continuing graduate students. Follow the links below for information on each fellowship. More information can also be found on the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Office website.


University Graduate School

The following is a list of graduate fellowships and awards administered by the University Graduate School. Follow the links below for information on each fellowship. More information can also be found on the University Graduate School website.


Indiana University Funding Resources


Outside Funding Sources

The following is a list of fellowships, grants, and awards that you may be eligible for. These awards are external, so you must apply to them on your own. Check on the web for details on the award, application, and deadline for each:

Other Sources to Consider