Diversity Leaders Conference

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Proposal Submission Page

Call for Proposals Deadline: September 5th, 2014

Notification of program submission decisions will be made in mid-September.

Contact: Leslie Robinson, Program Chair
email: ljrobins@indiana.edu, ph: 812-855-7016

Call for Proposals

The Diversity Leadership Conference is a student leadership event that provides a platform from which to address issues that impact various student communities. The conference exists to promote academic excellence, coalition building, diversity education, leadership development, and personal empowerment.

The 2014 Diversity Leadership Conference theme, Transform U: Empower Your Vision, Your Voice, Your Future, will allow participants not only to develop a more inclusive understanding of themselves and how they are experiencing higher education but also to provide opportunities for taking meaningful action to effect positive change both at their institution and in their world. In his influential text The University: An Owner’s Manual, Henry Rosovsky contends that various stakeholders, including faculty, administrators and students, can and should claim ownership of their institutions, and this conference will offer sessions to help participants develop that sense of owning their college education more fully. Students attend a college or university for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from gaining a professional credential to developing a broader understanding of themselves and of their environment through a liberal arts education. These reasons are not mutually exclusive; often, students have many motivations for acquiring a college degree, and at its core, higher education is about acquiring the analytical and communication skills needed to learn how to learn over a lifetime. To address this broad spectrum, this conference will include presentations on a wide range of topics, examining our shared and distinct histories, the moral and ethical questions that a university education can raise (and help to answer), and the various programs and initiatives that colleges and universities create to help both individual and groups of students achieve their academic and professional goals. Through these varied sessions, students and other participants will have the chance to expand their understanding of their own collegiate experience as a way of taking ownership of it.

Program Format

The Diversity Leadership Conference is inviting presenters to submit a proposal for a concurrent session of 75 minutes. These sessions are scheduled to start at 11:15 a.m. and run through 3:15 p.m. These sessions are chosen in large part because of their relevance to the conference theme and incorporation of the core areas. They are designed to be interactive conversations between presenters and participants.

The core areas for the conference are as follows:

Session topics can address one or more of the core areas, and possible topics could focus on specific programs or activities that improve academic outcomes (including retention and timely completion), discussions of initiatives or creative programs that increase diversity and inclusion, or practices that are high-impact educationally, socially or professionally. In this case, diversity can be defined broadly to include issues of race, gender, social class and/or orientation, and creativity is welcome. To allow for such a broad range of topics, the sessions can be presented in a variety of formats, which include the following:

Research/Scholarly Papers

These papers either present the results of a quantitative, qualitative or mixed method study or an argument based on philosophical, theoretical or practical problems within higher education. They would follow the appropriate format, including a study objective/purpose, a theoretical or conceptual framework, a discussion of study methods, data sources or evidence from the literature, preliminary results or conclusions and study significance.


These sessions would encourage interaction between a panel of presenters and the audience and would be focused on a particular theme or topic relevant to the conference. In addition to a discussion of the topic and its significance, the proposal should also include the names/backgrounds of the presenters as well as an overview of how the session will be structured.

Creative Presentations

From Music, Drama, Poetry, and/or Art, these sessions would include both a presentation of a creative work as well as an opportunity for audience discussion/participation (actor talk-back, open mic, question/answer period with the artist or artists) to examine how the creative piece ties into the conference theme.


These sessions are highly active and interactive, incorporating information sharing and facilitated small group activities with the goal of challenging participants’ thought processes.

Submit your proposal

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