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Diversity Education
Unit of the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs

Welcome to the Indiana University Office of Diversity Education. Our Office is here to serve all students and faculty as a resource for diversity education and for issues of diversity that face all of us.

Historically, Diversity Education in institutions of higher learning have sought to promote cultural awareness, cross cultural dialogue, and other diversity programs designed to lessen possible prejudices harbored by students and to create a campus climate conducive for academic success for all students. Additionally, Diversity Education has served to promote a fair and equitable society beyond graduation.

At this time of changing demographics and a global econnomy, it is more important than ever to be open to and informed about diverse populations. We still strongly believe in a pluralistic and just society where citizens are treated fairly and equitably, but the case for diversity education is even stronger now on an individual level. Employers want employees with the knowledge, skills and experience to work in diverse workplaces.

Diversity awareness is no longer adequate in preparing college graduates for their varying careers or for the challenges they may face in an ever changing society. Students now must have at least a basic set of multicultural competencies to complete in the job market and succeed in an increasingly diverse society. The Office of Diversity Education (ODE) is charged with creating opportunities designed to prepare IU students for success on campus and beyond.

Photo of Eric Love

Eric Love

Director, Office of Diversity Education
Indiana University