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Principal Investigator

Brian D'Onofrio
Brian M. D'Onofrio, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


I use genetically informed designs, longitudinal analyses, and intervention studies to study the causes of child and adolescent psychopathology. Read more, CV, e-mail ...






Doctoral Students

Erikka Vaughan
Erikka B. Vaughan

I am broadly interested in the etiology of depression in children and adolescents. While research has highlighted an array of risk factors for depression, I am interested in learning more about the specific mechanisms by which these risk factors result in depression in some adolescents and not in others. Read more, CV, e-mail ...





Ayesha C. Sujan
Ayesha C. Sujan

I am interested in exploring the causal effects of early risk factors on poor child and adolescent development using the Swedish population-based longitudinal data datasets and quasi-experimental designs, including quantitative genetic methods. Read more, CV, e-mail ...






Visiting Research Associate

Patrick D. Quinn
Patrick D. Quinn

I use longitudinal, event-level, and within-family methods to test hypotheses regarding putative environmental (early substance exposure, familial and social contexts) and personal (alcohol sensitivity, personality, genetically driven externalizing predispositions) contributors to the etiology of substance use and abuse. In particular, I am interested in improving models of risk for intoxicated driving.

Read more, CV, e-mail ...






Research Scientist

Martin E. Rickert, Ph.D.






Laboratory Alumni

Quetzal A. Class
Quetzal A. Class, Ph.D.

I examine early (i.e., pregestation, prenatal, and early postnatal) risk factors for infant, child, and adult psychiatric and physical morbidity and mortality. I use Swedish and Danish population-based, longitudinal datasets and genetically-informed research designs. Read more, CV, e-mail ...





Claire Coyne
Claire A. Coyne, Ph.D.

My research explores the etiology of conduct problems with a particular focus on sex differences in childhood conduct problems and adolescent delinquency. Read more, CV, e-mail ...






Alice Schermerhorn
Alice C. Schermerhorn, Ph.D.

The overarching goal of my program of research is to advance understanding of children’s adaptation to stressors. I am especially interested in associations between child temperament and both mental health and immune functioning within the context of the stressor of interparental conflict, particularly focusing on the mechanisms through which stressors impact children and on identifying children for whom stress is particularly problematic. Read more, CV, e-mail ...




Kelly Donahue
Kelly L. Donahue, Ph.D.

I study the predictors and outcomes associated with adolescent sexual risk behavior through the use of longitudinal and genetically informative analyses. I am also interested in sexual health education and prevention programs as well as the relationship between mental and sexual health in other high-risk populations, such as individuals living with HIV. Read more, CV, e-mail ...